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A kiss is just a kiss till you find the one you love
A hug is just a hug till you find the one you're thinking of
A dream is just a dream till you've made it come true
Love is just a word till it's proven true

I neeD a FeLla With a baD bOy StyLe
WhOs SeXy & SwEet & KinDa WiLd
A bOy whO SeeS me aS hiS ReaSon tO breAthe
ThatS the KinDa bOy I NeeD..

You Can Say I'm Crazy, Yes It's True
I'm Crazy Bout One Thing, And That's You

You Don't Love Someone Because They're Beautiful
They're Beautiful Because You Love Them

True Love Will Never Be Explained
That's How I Know I'm In Love

I'm Jealous Of Every Girl That Has Ever Hugged You
Because For Just That One Moment She Held My Entire World

The Best And Most Beautiful Things In The World
Can Not Be Seen Or Touched, But Are Felt In The Heart

Anyone Can Catch Your Eyes
But It Takes Someone Special To Catch Your Heart

I Love You Not Only Because Of Who You Are
But Also Because Of Who I Am When I'm With You

If you live for 100 days
Then I want to live for 100 days minus 1
So that I would never have to live one without you

The Greatest Thing You Will Ever Learn
Is To Love And Be Loved In Return

Love Isn't About Being Perfect
It's Learning How To Look Past The Imperfections

There Are Only Two Times I Want To Be With You
Now And Forever

You Can Give Up On Love,
But Love Will Never Give Up On You

Just Because Someone Doesn't Love You
The Way You Want Them To
Doesn't Mean They Don't Love You With All They Have

´¨`·.¸.*If I Could Be An Angel, I'd Make Your Every Wish Come True
But I'm Only Human, Just A Girl Who's Lovin You´¨`·.¸.*

I Wish I Could Explain To You What I See In Your Eyes
Or How The Sound Of Your Voice Gives Me Butterflies

The Feelings I Have For You Are Real
I Wanna Tell You How I Feel
6 Little Words, Simple But True
Baby I'm In Love With You

Do You Know What You Do To Me?
Everything Inside Of Me
Is Wanting You And Needing You
I'm So In Love With You

I Don't Know How You Do What You Do
I'm So In Love With You
It Just Keeps Getting Better
I Wanna Spend The Rest Of My Life
With You By My Side
Forever And Ever
E.v.e.r.y L.i.t.t.l.e T.h.i.n.g That You Do
Baby, I'm Amazed By You

When The Spark Of Youth Will Someday Surrender
I Will Have Your Hand To See Me Through
The Years May Come And Go But There's One Thing I Know
Love Is All There Is When I'm With You

Sometimes You Gotta Let Your Heart Lead You
Even If It's Where Your Not Supposed To Be
Van Wilder

Love Is Seeing Him How Noone Else Does
Love Is When You Know He's Not Perfect But You See Him Perfectly
Love Is Thinking About Him Day And Night
Love Is When He Means The World To You
Love Is When Noone Else Knows How You Feel
Love Is The Best Feeling You Can Feel

8 Letters
3 Words
1 Meaning
I Love You

I Do Believe That God Above
Created Me For You To Love
He Picked You Out Among The Rest
Cause He Knows That I'd Love You The Best

When In Love, Be Fair And Honest, Even When It Hurts

You Never Lose By Loving
You Only Lose By Holding Back

You Do Not Love Someone Under The Condition
That The Person Will Love You Back

Sometimes You Have To Sacrifice Love
Just To Save A Friendship

When You Find Love, Don't Run Away From It
But Don't Chase After It Either
Just Be Patient And It Will Come To You When You Least Expect It

x((-It Took Me By Complete Surprise
When My Heart Got Lost In His Eyes
He's Not At All What I Was Lookin For
But He's All I Want And So Much More-))

Never Question If You Are In Love Or Not
Because If You Were, You Wouldn't Need To Ask

Your Personality And Everything You Do
Makes Me Love Everything About You

Lovin Might Be A Mistake
But It's Worth Makin

I Would Give You My Heart
Be All That You Need
Show You Your Everything
That's Precious To Me
If You Give Me A Chance
I Can Love You Like That

I Wonder What He's Thinkin
When He Looks At Me And
|*S m i l e s*|

When I'm Away From Him, I Complain
When I'm Near Him, I Smile
When I Miss Him, I Cry
But When I See Him I Have Nothin To Say
Cause The Urge To Kiss Him
Takes My Breath Away

When You Love Someone, It's Something
When Someone Loves You, It's Another Things
When The Person You Love Loves You, It's Everything

If Ever A Day Goes By Where I Don't Say I Love You
May Never A Moment Go By Without You Knowing That I Do

The Shortest Word For Me Is
The Sweetest Word For Me Is Love
The Only One For Me Is

If A Thousand People Love You, I'm In That Thousand
If A Hundred People Love You, I'm In That Hundred
If Ten People Love You, I'm In That Ten
If Only One Person Loves You, That's Me

Yes It's True, There Are Millions Of People Out There
But In The End There's Really Only One

*•.If I Could Pick A Moment
.•*And Always Keep It New
*•.Out Of All The Moments I've Had
.•*I'd Pick The Moment I Met You

There's Something About The Look In Your Eyes
Something I Noticed When The Light Was Just Right
It Reminded Me Twice That I Was Alive
And It Reminded Me That You're So Worth The Fight

•I'll Be Your Cryin Shoulder
• I'll Be Your Love Suicide
• I'll Be Better When I'm Older
• I'll Be The Greatest Fan Of Your Life

There's Always Gonna Be One Person
In Your Life That Makes You [Smile & Cry]
All At The Same Time And When Your Together
Makes Your World A Little More *C r a z y*

|I Never Had Anyone|
-That I Could Count On-
|I've Been Let Down So Many Times|
-I Was Tired Of Hurtin-
|So Tired Of Searchin|
-Till You Walked Into My Life-

I Want To Be The Girl You Call Baby
The Girl You Call Your Own
The Girl You Hold In Your Arms
And Fall Asleep With On The Phone
The Girl Who Makes Your Bad Days Better
And The Girl That Will Make You Say
"My Life Has Changed Since I Met Her"

..aLL i WaNt to bE..
is tHe oNe yOu tHiNk aBoUt
n tHe oNe yOu LoVe- tHe OnE tO yOu ThaT mEaNs
tHe wOrLd
n tHe OnE yOu call yOur *BaBy girL*

I Wouldn't Know What To Do If I Lost You
I Wouldn't Know What To Say If The Day Comes When You Go Away
Tears Would Fall And My Heart Will Break
But Loving You Would Never Be A Mistake

There Is One Moment In Your Life
When You Are With Someone
And You Feel Like The World Has Stopped
And Your Life Seems So Perfect
Make Sure You Never Lose That Person

It's Amazing How You Feel About Him
THat Whenever Your Around Him
Nothing Else Matters
How Your Heart Stops And Your Left Breathless
And No Matter How Many Times He Breaks Your Heart
He Always Seems To Put All The Pieces Back Together

"There's No Time Constraint
On How Long You Can Care About Someone
And There's No Limit On How Much,
Especially If They've Been Part Of Your Life Already"
Dawson's Creek

*... You're The Dream That Hasn't Ended
And I'm Still Anxious For The Rest...*

Tell My Heart To Stop Beating
Tell My Mind To Stop Thinking
Throw A Stone In The Ocean And Tell It To Stop Sinking
Tell The Sky Not To Be So Blue
It's Like Telling Me Not To Be In Love With You

-I May Not Be-
-The *Prettiest* Girl Alive
-The *Richest* Girl Alive
Or The *Smartest* Girl Alive
-But I Do Know I'm-
-The *Luckiest* Girl Alive-
-Because I Have *You*-

I'm Your Girl, You're My Man
I Promise To Love You The Best That I Can

"Love Is That
Can't Eat - - Can't Sleep
Reach For The Stars - - Over The Fence
World Series Kinda Stuff"
It Takes Two

And We Can Build This Thing Together
Standing Still Forever
Nothings Gonna Stop Us Now
And If This World Runs Out Of Lovers
We'll Still Have Each Other

× ´¨`·.·×·.·´¨` ×
The *s p a r k l e* In Your Eyes
Puts The *s t a r s* To Shame

I Need You In My Arms, Need You To Hold
You're My World, My Heart, My Sould
If You Ever Leave,
Baby You Would Take Away Everything Good In My Life
And Tell Me Now
How Do I Live Without You?

"I Guess Once You Love Someone, And Admit It
There's No Crossing Back
It's A Line That Will Forever Stay Embedded Deep Within Your Heart
Because Once You Have Loved Someone
It Doesn't Go Away
Your Forced To Care"

*.¸¸.·´¨`»-¦- Why can't I feel aNytHiNg from aNyOnE.. 
                        ..other than yOu? -¦-«´¨`·.¸¸.*

It's Hopeless To Describe The Way I Feel For You
No Matter How Hard I Try Words Will
»NeVeR dO«

I get (b U t T e R F l Y s) when I see him,
I (m E L t) when he smiles
and he has (n O - C l U e) I love him

I'm Not The Type Of Girl That Would Get Up And Leave You
I Would Never Mislead You Because Unlike Other Girls
[*I Need You*]

.::.*There's A New Wind Blowin That I've Never Known
I'm Breathin Deeper Than I've Ever Done Before
And It Sure Feels Good To Finally Feel The Way I Do
I Wanna Love Somebody
Love Somebody Like You.::.*

"Hold me like you never wanna let me go,
if your likin what your tastin could ya let me know
If your gonna love me, better love me strong
cause I want this love to last all night long"

There's something that I can't quite explain
I'm so in love with you
You'll never take that away
And if I've said a hundred times before
Expect a thousand more
You'll never take that away

"If i told you I love you
can i keep you forever?"

He looked at me with those eyes,
and my heart melted.
You can't tell me thats not real
Cause I felt it..

...dont even try to tell me that ur not the guy,
cuz i've been waiting all my life,
for someone just like you...

Funny guy *.AmUsInG.*
Playa guy *.CoNfUsInG.*
Sweet guy *.FlAtTeRiNg.*
Smart guy *.InTeReStInG.*
My guy *.AmAzInG.*

Baby Next Time Your Bored..
Just Look At Your Fingers
And Know That
Mine Fit Between Yours

"Sometimes it doesn't matter how long you have to wait,
it's the person you are waiting for."

*:.Nothing means more to me than what we share
No one in this whole world can ever compare.:*

: :I used to run in circles: :
:Going nowhere fast: :
: :I'd take one step forward: :
: :End up two steps back: :
: :Couldn't walk a straight line: :
: :Even if i wanted to: :
: :I wanna love somebody: :
: :Love somebody like you: :

"Love is always patient and
It is never jealous.
Love is never boastful or conceited.
It is never rude or selfish.
It does not take offence and is not resentful."
A Walk To Remember

i WuNdA Y i FeEL ThiS WaY
My MoMMa SaiD i WoULd SuMdAY
My HeArT BeAtS FaSt
i WuNdA HoW LoNg ThiS FeELiNg WiLL LaST
iT FeELz LiKe U WeRe SeNt FroM ThE ANgELS aBoVe
i GuESs iTs ThAt ThiNG CaLLed *LoVe*

Theres nothing else to lose
Theres nothing else to find
Theres nothin in the world
That could change my mind

you have one thing that no one
else does
;:`- * - » my heart <3

~*--WoRdS BeGiN WiTh ABC--*~
+---NuMbErS BeGiN WiTh 123---+
>>--MuSiC BeGiNs WiTh Do Re Mi--<<
*^>---BuT tRuE lOvE BeGiNs WiTh u N mE---*^

I wanna love you forever
And this is all I'm asking of you
10,000 lifetimes together
Is that so much for you to do

.·* Its as though
*·. You trained
.·* My heart
*·. To love you
.·* And it hasnt learned
*·. To stop.

It's hard to tell your mind to stop loving someone
when your heart still does.
In life, you don't always have to let your mind work.
Sometimes you have to give your heart a chance to decide.

whAt i [ fEeL ] fOr yOu
is Like oNe oF thOse
fEeLiNgS tHaT dOeSn't
sEeM 2 [ evEr ] gO aWaY..

WuTz ScOoBy WiThOuT sHaGgY?
StEvE wItHoUt bLuE?
PeAnUt BuTtA wItHoUt JeLLy?
ThAtS me WiThOuT yOu

eVeRy TeaR ThaT RuNs dOwN my FaCe
eVeRy SmiLe ThaT paSseS my Lips
eveRy thOughT thaT goeS thrOuGh my minD
i Ts [a][L][L] c e n t e r E d
0n  this *F*e*e*L*i*n*G*
| i | h a V e | F o R | .-y 0 u-.

TrYiN sO hArD nOt tO bE nErVoUs
i KnO tHiZ oNeS rEaLLy WoRtH iT…
aNd aLL tHe bAd LuCk IN dA wOrLd
CoULdNt KeEp Me FrOm bEiN hIs GiRl

Sure, I Think Other Guys Are Cute,
But Every time I See A Cute Guy
I Remind Myself Of How Cute You Are ...
Of How Much I Love You ...
How Sweet You Are ...
How You Always Brighten My Day ...
And Suddenly That Guy Doesn't Look That Good Anymore*

You know that place between asleep and awake?
That place where you still remember dreaming?
That's where I'll always love you.
That's where I'll be waiting."

Wait for the boy who will be your best friend,
the only person who will drop everything to be with you at anytime
no matter what the circumstances.
Wait for the boy who wants to show you off to the world
when you are in sweats and have no makeup on,
but appreciates it when you get dolled up for him.
Most of all wait for the boy who will
put you at the center of his universe
because that's where you belong.

There is nothing that should ever
Take ur heart away from what it is u wanna do
u should always go with what u love,
Don't follow no one else
Just do what's good for u

I know you hear me say [ i love you ]
but i don't think you realize how much i [ really ] do
not even the whole world can make me [ happy ]
- all I need is you -

one day you'll look at a person
and see more then u saw the nite before
and suddenly that person who was jus a friend
is now the only one you can picture yourself with <3

Missing someone is a part of loving them...
If ur never apart then you'll never know how strong ur love really is.

i hope that one day you'll come to realize
how perfect you are when seen through my eyes

I think I'm falling asleep
But then all that it means is
I'll always be dreaming of you
Blink 182

.:.Love in it's truest form has no language or words,
it just has a thousand and one actions
we all wish we could describe.:.

*It`s amazing how one day*
*Someone can walk into your life*
*And the next day*
*You have no idea*
*How you ever lived without them*

..*You don't get to choose, you just fall in love
and you get this person who is all wrong and right at the same time*..

I dont know exactly where I stand with you
I dont know what I mean to you or what I see in you
but all I know is that all I do is dream about you.

In the story of my (( LiFe ))
you're my (( hApPiLy eVeR aFtEr ))
All you have to do is (( LoOk )) at me and (( sMiLe ))
and it just makes my (( dAy ))

Dont Tell Me Its Not Worth Tryin For
You Cant Tell Me ITs Not Worth Dyin For
You -- Know -- Its True
EveryThing I Do.. Baby Its ALL For You

I dont know what I would do without you
I dont know where I would be
Your not just another boy
Your everything to me

Each time I hear your voice I cant help it
Its not by choice, my heart beats faster
My knees get weak, my stomach gets
*BuTtErFliEs* I can hardly speak
Every moment feels brand new
...I cant help it...
[[I'm Falling For You]]

Cause your everywhere to me
When I close my eyes its you I see
Your everything I know
..That makes me believe Im not alone..

Bein around you makes me feel like
for once in my life i dont have to
try to be happy it just Happens

You Give Me Somethin No One Else Can...
A rEaSoN tO LiVe

-» u kno that [ f e e l i n g ] u get when
ur going a little too hiqh on a swing
Or u hit a bump on the road n ur stomach
kinda f l i p s..?----
thats how i feel when im around |[ .yOu. ]|

Your Perfect…
…Because everything you do
Makes me smile
…Because every second spent with you
Is worth while
…Because when you laugh at me
I laugh too
…Because everyone else can see
That I’m devoted to you
…Because I love your eyes
And the way they shine
…Because you don’t tell lies
And you’re so cute when you whine
…Because when you get mad
You can’t hide it
…Because even when you’re sad
I can find it
…Because the way you hold me
Sends shivers down my spine
…Because your spirits so free
And you’re so damn fine
…Because I never stop thinking about you
It’s not fair
…Because you’re just perfect
And no one else can compare…

-»uR STaRe*uR eyeS
-»i LuV iT WeN u LooK aT Me BaBi
-»uR LiPZ*uR STyLe
-»i LuV iT WeN u KisS Me BaBi
-»i LuV iT WeN u tHuG Me BaBi
-»N i CaNT DeNy
-»i LuV iT WeN iM WiTCHu BaBi

× ····· o ····· × ····· o ······ ×·
When yOu lOve sOmeOne
theres nOthing yOu can dO
yOu cant cOntrOl yOuR heart
It cOntrOls yOu
·× ····· o ····· × ····· o ······ ×·

iD RaThA hAvE BaD TiMeS WiT u
*ThEn GoOd TiMeS WiT sOmE1 eLsE
iD RaThA Be BeSiDe u iN tHa StOrM
*ThEn SaFe AnD wArM bY mYsELf
iD RaThA hAvE hArD TiMeS tOgEtHa
*tHeN hAvE iT eAsiEr ApArT

I dOnT wAnNa Be Ur #1
BeIn #1 MeAnS tHeReS a #2 n #3
I WaNnA bE uR * o N l Y . o N e *

All I Wanna Do Is Find A Guy Who I Can Come To
With My Hair A Mess,
My Make-Up Running Down My Face,
My Eyes Red From Crying.
And He Still Says To Me, Baby You're...
[ B . e . A . u. T. i . F . u . L]

WeLL mY LiFe iSnT PeRfEcT
ReALLy WhOs iS?
BuT I GuEsS I CaN sAy thAt
ONe PaRt oF iT * iS *
YoU MaKe iT WoRtH LiViNg
ANd YoU MaDe mE SeE
YoUrE tHe BeSt PaRt oF LiFe
ANd tHe BeSt PaRt oF *mE*

i GiVe mUh SmYLeZ tO mAnY
i GiVe MuH EmOtIoNz tO fEw
bUt mY hEaRt StILL sTaNdS hErE wAiTiNg
CuZ aLL i WaNt iS yOu

..iN My EyEz uR ThE [OnLy] oNe FoR Me..
..[yOu aNd i WeRe MeNT To bE]..
..yOuR [iN My ThOuGhTs]..&..[iN My DrEaMz]..
[My LoVe]...[My LiFE]...[My EveRyThiNg]

·:x:·* I Got Dreams In Hidden Places*·:x:·*
*·:x:·* Extra Smiles When I'm Blue*·:x:·*
*·:x:·* But That Special Place In My Heart*·:x:·*
*·:x:·* I'm Saving Just For You*·:x:·*

iN tHe MoRnIn WhEn yOu GeTtIn rEaDY n HeS oN uR mInD
Do u EvEr dO tHiNgS dIFfErEnTLy
tHeN u DiD tHe DaY b4 -jUs To LoOK bEtTeR
CuZ u ThInK mAyBe ToDaY hE'lL sEe YoU dIfFeReNt
Lyk ThE wAy Ur HaIrZ fAlLiN oN uR fAcE
oR tHe WaY uR eYeS sPaRkLe
AnD hE'Ll fAlL iN LoVe AlL oVeR

yOu nEvA fOrGeT yOuR FiRsT KiSs
No MaTtEr hOw *.gOoD.* oR hOw *.bAd.*
yOu NeVeR fOrGeT a FiRsT LoVe
n aLL tHe gOoD TiMeS yOu hAd

In yOuR liFe yOu`LL meEt OnE guY uNliKe aNy OtHer..
yOu caN taLk tO hiM aNd NeVeR eVeR GEt BoReD..
teLL hiM evErytHing aNd NeVeR eveR bE judGed..
smiLe anD Get buTTeRfLies EveRytiMe yOu sEe hiS faCe..
heaR hiS naMe oR His VoIcE..thiS peRson iS a..
beSt FrienD,*boyFrieNd*,aNd a truE LovE.

*¤×[LoVe] iS oNe oF ThOsE [CrAzY ThiNgS]פ*
YoU JuS [cAnT FiNd ThE WoRds]
*¤×To TeLL wHaT uR [FeeLiN iNsiDe]פ*

*GiMmE a KiSs GiMmE ThE wOrLD-
*GiMmE Ur heart-N-i'LL bE yOuR GirL-
*GiMmE A sMiLe GiMmE yOuR TiMe -
*GiMmE yOuR LoVe-N-i'LL GiVe U MiNe

i wanNa bE dA oNe hE cHiLLz WiT
dA oNe hE iZ HuGGiN n KiSsiN
n wHeN wE'rE nOt tOgEtHa
I wAnNa bE dA oNe hEz MiSsiN

:*:I WaNNa Be [ThE GurL] YoU pOiNT:*:
To AnD [TeLL YoUr FRiEnDs]
:*:[ThaTs HeR ThaTs My GurL]...[AnD i LoVe HeR]:*:

*.. A girl asked a boy if she was pretty. He said no.
She asked him if he wanted to be with her forever. He said no.
She then asked him if he would cry if she walked away. He said no.
She had heard too much. She needed to leave.
As she walked away, he grabbed her arm and told her to stay.
He said. You're not pretty, you're beautiful.
I dont want to be with you forever, I need to be with you forever.
And I wouldnt cry if you walked away, I would die ..*

What is sexy?
Sexy is standing in the rain as you push me against the hood of your car tearing my shirt as you kiss me with intent to never stop...
What is cute?
Cute is young and inexperienced. Cute is holding hands in the car and kissing at the red lights
What is passion?
Passion is knowing what you want and stopping at nothing until you get it.
What is Beautiful?
Beautiful is all about the inside of a person...Beauty can only be found in the heart.
What is love?
Love is the balance of all these things in your mind heart and soul..

There . aRe . maNy . tHinGs
thAt I wOulD liKe to say to You
|{ . but I DoN't knoW hOw . }|

I Really Like What I Feel When I'm With You
You're A Dream Come True
Don't You Ever Leave My Side
Cause It Feels So Right

No matter what he puts me through, for some odd reason,
I'm never going to leave.

The love you can't have is the love that lasts the longest,
hurts the deepest, and feels the strongest.

CauSe I KnOw InSide ButteRflieS DoNt LiE

Love is a sign from the heavens
that you are here for a reason.

"The trouble with love is it can tear u up in side,
make ur heart beleive a lie
its stronger then your pride
The trouble with love is it doesnt care how fast u fall
and u can refuse the call
you got no say at all"
Kelly Clarkson

No matter how many times he hurts me,
I'll always forgive him.
some call it stupid,
I call it love

If I did one thing right in my life,
it was when I gave my heart to you.

"Dont say we're not meant for each other.
Because the way I see it,
we're not meant for anyone else."

I swear that I can go on forever
Please let me know that my one bad day will end
I will go down as your lover, your friend
Give me your lips and with one kiss we begin
Blink 182

The hard thing about love is,
you can never tell if the person your in love with
is in love with you

"Love is patient and kind;
love is not jealous or conceited, or proud;
Love is not ill-mannered or selfish, or irritable,
Love does not keep a record of wrongs;
Love is not happy with evil, but is happy with the truth.
Love never gives up: It's faith, hope and patience never fail."
1 Corinthians 13: 4 -7

I'm scared of everything.
I'm scared of what I saw,
I'm scared of what I did, of who I am,
but most of all I'm scared of walking out of this room
and never feeling the rest of my whole life
the way I feel when I'm with you."
Dirty Dancing

No matter how ugly you think you are,
that special person that loves you
believes you are the most beautiful and irresistable thing on earth
and nothing can ever change that

"Catch me don't let me drop
Love me don't ever stop"

it's not what I feel for you
it's what I don't feel for anyone but you
someone asked me what I saw in you
and the only answer I could think of was
*E v E r Y t H i N g*

What can I do to make you mine
I've fallen so hard - so fast...this time
what did you do - what did you say
to make me fall for you this way

True love doesn't have a happy ending
true love has no ending

Sometimes your mind doesn't want you to be in love,
but deep down, you know you are.

You make me smile for the weirdest reasons,
you make me laugh for no reason whatsoever,
but most of all you make me love you
when I'm not supposed to be loving you at all.

Your heart decides who it likes and who it doesn't.
You can't tell your heart what to do. It does it on its own....
when you least suspect it, or even when you don't want it to.

If we discovered that we only have five minutes left
to say all we wanted to say,
every telephone booth would be occupied by people
calling other people to stammer that they love them.

I wonder how I ever lived without you
because it's killing me missing you so much.

I lose my thought looking in your eyes
Because your kisses make my lips quiver
And when you touch me my whole body shivers
I never knew another human life
Could have the power to take over mine.

If I Told You That I Can't Stop Thinkin' About You
Or Just That The Thought Of You Makes Me Smile
Or That I Get Butterflies When I Hear Your Name
And That I Want To Be Held Tightly In (Your Arms)
W o u l d * Y o u * T h i n k * T h a t * I m * C r a z y

ii'll never break yOur heart
ii'll never make yOu cry
ii'd rather --diie-- than liive
wiithOut yOu
ii'll giive yOu all of me,
hOney that's no liie*

There’s something about him no one else can see
That makes me go `c r a z y when he talks to me
.No one knows why I *f e e l* the way I do.
And the truth is I don’t either
[[ * I j u s t d o * ]]

Any girL can havE y0u - h0Ld y0u - kiSS y0u `nd
pLEasE y0u but she *w0nt* say what i t0Ld y0u
- miss y0u - want y0u - `nd nEEd y0u .. shE can
say she`z thE 0ne f0r y0u - but - i kn0w she`LL
[ n E v E r ] L00k at y0u thE way that i do*

All I know is when I'm with you,
[-I dont want anything else-]

* The only boy that deserves to have you *
* Is the one who thinks he doesn't .. xO *

..*-all my friends ask why im so hung on you-*
..afta all tha shyt you said n put me through..
*its hard to explain-i wish they would realize*
..what it is like to look at you through my..

After a while you can make yourself believe in almost anything,
so im making myself believe in you

always remember that I do care about u
more than words could ever show,
and I think about u always..
more than *Y o u c O u L d e v E r k N o W*

they say nothin last forever
lets prove them wrong

WEn I LoOk iNtO uR eYeS mY wHoLe WorLd FeELs So RighT
BuT 2 mE iTs No SuRpRiSe CuZ uR tHe BeSt ThiNg In My LiFe

- - - - - -»«- - - - - - - - - -»
(¯`×. and jusT when i thouqht
that i ran out of reasOnz to
smile. . . . you came aLonq.
`- - - - - - - - -»«- - - - - - - - -

SoMeTiMeS i WoNdEr WaT iT iZ aBoUt YoU
tHaT mAkEs Me TrY |So|HaRd|

"It takes 3 seconds to say 'I Love You' but a lifetime to prove it."

The worst thing you can do for love is to deny it.
So when you find that special someone,
don't let anyone or anything stand in your way

I know its written all over my face
And boy you can belive its true
Cuz time could never erase
Those feelings I have for you

"She loves him more than he'll ever know,
he loves her more than he'll ever show.."

Sometimes your heart takes you to places
that can never lead to a happy ending.

i tRy 2 iMAGiNE My lifE WitH0Ut y0U..
itS *UNtHiNKAblE*
i tRy 2 tHiNK 0f S0MEtHiNG 0tHER tHAN yOU..
itS *UNSt0PPAblE*
i tRy 2 G0 A dAy WitH0Ut MiSSiNG y0U..
itS *iMP0SSiBlE*
i tRy 2 GEt My MiNd 0fF H0W MUCh i l0vE y0U..
itS *UNC0NtR0lAblE*

i love the way my fingers (¯`v´¯) just fall into yours,
       i love how your taste `v´ still lingers on my
lips after that special goodnight kiss, i love
how whenever i .·´ go to call someone i`·.
a u t o m a t i c a l l y dial your `·. number, i love
how .·´ you look at me with
       (¯`v´¯) those gorgeous eyes and then you smile
that `v´ sweet smile.. and i know right there, that
you will always be mine.. (_.·´¯) i love how you hug
me with the (¯`·._) intention of never letting go... i
love you more than words could ever show

when all the .dreams. you've ever had
nd all the things you've always .hoped. for
are reflected in someone elses eyes
you know you found your

One thOught Of yOu - is all it takes to
leave the reSt Of the wOrld behind...*

i always feel better after talking to you
you make me smile you make me feel
beautiful inside and out and you do this
without promising me the moon whispering
.forever. or . pretending.
you do this by being yourself

× iTs kind of aMaZiN'×
hOw oNe pErSoN cAn
mAkE yOuR wOrSt dAy
*AbSoluTeLy PeRfeCt*

LoVe Is WhEn yOu fInaLLy GeT
WhAt aLL thOse sOnGs aNd mOviEs
ArE talKin AbOut*

¤·:*¨¨*¤ ¤*¨¨*:·¤
iTs LikE wEn Im RoUnD
yOu nOtHiNg cAn Go
wRoNg-eVrY rEgReT
beCoMeS fOrGoTtEn
nD aLl mY pRoBlEmS
aRe sUdDnLy [ gOne]
¤·:*¨¨*¤ ¤*¨¨*:·¤

if the grass can g r o w through cement,
love can find you ((anytime)) in your life.

* ×((¨`v´¨))×*
..×*.·`v´ ·.*×

sometimes we just can't help
but love someone that would
never love us but for some
reason you feel like it was
meant to be even though the
person you love may not feel
that way...

You`re not holding my hand anymore
.. but you have a pretty good grip on my heart

you know you love someone
when u want them to behappy
even if their happiness means
y o u r n o t p a r t o f i t .

i'm not gonna loose you again..
..this time i'm not giving in*

he`s the - - » o n L y « - - one
who Leaves me compLeteLy
. b . r . e . a . t . h . L . e . S . s

*A gUy OuT tHeRe WaS mEaNt To Be ThE ×LoVe Of YoUr LiFe×, YoUr *BeSt FrIeNd*, YoUr ×SoUl MaTe×. ThE oNe YoU cAn *TeLl YoUr DrEaMs To*. WhEnEvEr He sMiLeS aT yOu, He'Ll ×BrUsH tHe HaIr FrOm YoUr EyEs×. He'Ll *SeNd YoU fLoWeRs WhEn YoU lEaSt ExPeCt It*. He'Ll StArE aT yOu DuRiNg ThE mOvIe, EvEn ThOuGh ×He PaId $6 To SeE iT×. YoU'lL *PuT hIs PiCtUrE bEsIdE yOuR bEd*. He'Ll CaLl JuSt To ×SaY gOoDnIgHt× Or JuSt BeCaUsE hE's *ThInKiNg Of YoU*. He'Ll LoOk YoU iN tHe EyEs AnD tElL yOu, YoU'rE tHe MoSt ×BeAuTiFuL gIrL iN tHe WoRlD×, AnD fOr ThE vErY FiRsT TiMe, *YoU'lL BeLiEvE iT*.

¸.·´ i am m o o d y ; m e s s y
( `·.¸ i get restless, nd it`s senseless
`·.¸ ) --» how you never seem to care
¸.·)´ when i`m angry, you .l.i.s.t.e.n.
(.·´ when you`re happy, it`s a mission
`·.¸ nd you won`t stop till i`m there

he handed her 11 real
roses and 1 fake and said
ill love you till the last one
d i e s . . .

i`m breathing in your skin tonight
Quiet is my l o u d e s t cry
Wouldn`t wanna wake the eyes
that m a k e m e m e l t inside

HeReS mY hEaRt
<3 --.
`- »
*i`Ll LeT yOu TaKe It

.·´¯`·»oHhh.. It seAms likE I cAn finAlly.-*
*-..ReSt my hEad on SomEthing R e a l.. I.-*
._.·»i liKe the Way thAt f e e l s.. OHhH.-*
_-_iTs as iF y0u kn0W me bEttEr tHAN I....-*
EveR kneW mySelf.. I loVe hoW y0u Can tEll!.
AlL thE pieCes.. PiEces.. p i e c e s of mE.

its too late now - ive fallen
for you theres `nothing you
can do except `-» catch «- me -

WitH evEry gReaT lOvE
cOmeS a gReaT stOrY <3

*i WaNt a LoVe i CaN FeEL*
*tHaTs tHe OnLy KiNd oF LoViN i tHiNk iS rEaL*
*dOnT WaNNa Be gOiNg By SoMetHiNg i HeArD*
*CuZ aCtiOnS SpEaK LoUdEr tHaN wOrDs*

- -and on the way down i saw [you] and you saved
me from myself and i won't forget the way you
loved me on the way down i almost fell right
through but i held *onto* you ..

:A mIlLiOn wOrDz cOuLdN*T sAii jUs hOw
ii fEeL' A mIlLiOn yEaRz fRuM nOw yOo ]
kNoE-`.>>((i*lL bE luViN yOu sTiLl))<<.'

i mAy n0t gEt t0 sEe y0u aS oFteN aS iD LiKe
i mAy n0t gEt t0 HoLd y0u ThRougH tHe niGht
BuT deEp iNsiDe my HeaRt i Kn0w iT iS tRuE.
n0 mAtTeR wHaT i d0... i'LL aLwaYz LoVe y0u

[-] * LoVe iS a WoRd, cReAtEd FoR tw0
LoVe iS a SeNsAti0n, FeeLiNgs s0 tRuE
But LoVe iSn'T LoVe iF iM n0t wiTh y0u

i wAnNa bE tHe ReAs0n FoR tHe sMiLe 0n y0uR fAcE
º tHe gUuRrL tHaT aiNt gUnNa eVeR bE rEpLaCeD.

wHeN i LoOkEd In Ur EyEs..
i KnEw It wAs TrUe..
MiY hArT .nEvEr. LiEs..
-- iM iN [( lOvE )] wItH yOo --
I jUsT wAnNa Be WiTh YoO dAy AfTeR dAy
CaUsE bAyBiE..i LoVe YoO mOrE
[[ThAn W o R d S cOuLd S a Y]]

*._¸..· ´¨¨)) Its Kind Of Amazing
¸.·´ .·´¨¨))How | one | person
((¸¸.·´ ..·´ Can make your Worst Day
-:¦:- ((¸¸.·´* :*: :*: Absolutly * perfect *

tHe way i fEeL abOut yOu
i jusT caNt [( e x p L a i N )]
its tHe way My hEarT bEaTs
wHeN i hEaR yOuR nAmE

"i'll ×stop× loving (u) -when- *diamonds* •never• [sparkle] + and flowers cease to grow+
{{when thunder doesnt echo -and- rivers do not flow}}
-*when hearts no longer wonder-* ^and hands are never held^
"..when smiles are only memories.." |.(and) hope is never felt.|
°when trees no longer blossom° „and the stars refuse to rise..
-when autumn has no falling leaves- - - and winter never dies -
- : when time has no tomorrows : ~ and rainbows have no hue ~
† when God alone commands me † - Then ill stop lovin you

Someday ull kno why all the others didnt work out
why it always seemed to fall apart
u'll realize that all those guys wont even come close
when its .:.him.:. that finally has ur heart

it's amazing that after all u put
me through i can still find that
place in my Heart .. that plaCe
where i will always Love you
`·.·» d E d i C a T e d

.*i can see it in the stars across the sky*.
dreamt a hundredthousand dreams before
now i finally realize, i've waited all my life
for this [·moment·] to arrive -;- and' finally ii
believe, yes i believe.. (¯`v´¯) *i love you !

--> You kiss my lips <--
*i cloSe my eyes, away we float to paradise*
<3all the people watching stop and see <3
and s o f t l y whisper....
[x]<3 w.e.r.e. m.e.a.n.t. t.o. b.e <3[x]

*x its the way he makes you feel x*
*x its the way he kisses you x*
_x its the way he makes you fall in love x_

-»¦«- trying to explain my love for you is liike
tryin to explain colors to a blind person
its just .. well .. --» 'i m p o s s i b l e

.:*wHeN iM wItH yOu
*:.i DoNt HaVe MuCh To SaY
.:*CaUsE wItH jUsT oNe LoOk
*:.yOu TaKe My BrEaTh AwAy..

frOm the moment ii met you theRe
was sometHin' speCial bout you *
mayBe it was the way yu smiLed
at mee . . or the way you said my
naMe or maybe . . iT was just `an
instinct that we belonged 2gether
wHatever it was im sOo glad you
x- came intO my liFe -x

(x[ Bite mY Lip l-» aND cLoSe mY eyEs,l`
\\*taKe mE aWaY t0..»-PaRadi$e-»\\

I've SeeN mANy Boyz buT baBy Ur iT
u GoT mE DraWin HeaRtz aRounD uR namE n ShyT
The Way u TaLK ThE WaY u SmELL
i Neva ThoUght I'd B triPPin oVa u..
but DAMN ...i FeLL..

Ur EyEs TwInKlE. mY kNeEs GeT wEaK.
.AnD aLl ThE wHiLe ItS hArD tO sPeAk.
.I oFtEn DoN't KnOw WhAt To SaY.
.i'Ve NeVeR bEeN iN.
xoxo.lOvE tHiS wAy.oxox

SwEeT sEnSaTiOnS dOwN mY
-thinkin about .y.o.u. all the time-
UnBeLiEvEaBLe BuT tRuE...
i'M .c.r.a.z.y. about *yOu*

i UsEd tO fEeL EmPtY `n LyK sUmThiNg wUz mIsSiNg
..bUt ThEn i MeT yOu..
- aNd NoW i FeEl CoMpLeTe -

it's the way your [ name ] makes my heart
skip a beat when you [ kiss ] me you wipe
me of my feat`when ii`m wid you nothinq
eLse matters jus the thouqht of [ Loosinq ]
you makeS my heart `- » || S h a t t e r ||

x*. Ur LaUgH n Ur SmiLe .*x
x*. Ur AtTiTuDe N uR StyLe .*x
x*. EvErThiNg AbOuT u BoY .*x
x*. DriVeS mE wiLd .*x

|Underneath| I can feel you move -t_h-r_o-u_g-h_m-e_
)}]Inside out[{( you ((surround me))
I ~b~r~e~a~t~h~e~ you like I'm taking my last ~b~r~e~a~t~h~
Oh you're >>>EvErYtHiNg<<< I **k*n*o*w**
So how could I |[{(>>l-e-t~y-o-u~g-o<<)}]|

w i T h O u T ~yOu~
i*M *CoMpLeTeLy*

2NiTe WiLe i WaS LaYiN iN BeD
I ThouGhT oF U RiTe OuTa ThE BLuE
4 No PaRtiCuLaR reaSoN
i JusT DiD & ReaLiZeD @ ThaT MoMenT
aLL i WaNTeD 2 Do WaS TeLL U HoW MucH i LuV U

I'm totally C.r.A.z.Y for you
But don't even -KnOw-
I ((LoVe)) you more than words can show
So n0w & [f][o][r][e][v][e][r]
Remember it's *tRuE*
My ::HeArT:: will always belong to ~yOu~

It's aMaZiNg how yOu can Leave Me tOtaLLy
||[--» B . r . E . a . T . h . L . e . S . s «--]||

LoVe- -
To ThOsE- -
WhO StIll HaVe HoPe*
EvEn AfTeR THeY hAvE- -
beEn LeT dOwN so MaNy TiMeS*

the only thing better
than the * K i S s * itself
is the -m o m e n t- right before...
the [ l o o k] in his *eyes*
that leaves you completely

::iM tO tHe PoInT wHeRe a SeCoNd FeELz LiKe aN hOuR::
::An HoUr FeELs LyK a DaY::
::A DaY fEeLz LyK a YeAr::
::...WhEn iM nOt WiTh yOu...::

i wiSh i cOuLd TeLL yOu HoW MuCh YoU mEaN tO mE,
hOw MuCh i LoVe YoU
i JuSt WiSh YoU cOuLd SeE,
YoU'rE ThE WoRLd tO mE JuSt OpEn YoUr HeArT,
AnD i PrOmiSe YoU wE WiLL nEvEr bE ApArT,
i'LL LoVe YoU FoReVeR aNd YoU kNoW iT's TrUe,
AnD i WaNt YoU tO KnOw...i'M FaLLiNg FoR yOu

. :*: . yOu might think Of me as sOme girl . :*: .
but i just want yOu to know that im the One girl
whO tOOk One lOOk `----> and fell harder then
[ xox ] i've ever fallen in my entire life [ xox ]

Lo0kiiN` bacK at wHen wE fIrsT meT *
I cAnnOt esCaPe anD ii cAnNot fOrGet *
BaBii yOur thE onE *
YoU cAn dO nO wROng *
YoU cAn mAkE mE *
wHoLe aGaiin*

i ' d n e v e r l i e t o y o u
unless i had to .. i'll do what i got to
unless i had to .. * the truth ..
is you could slit my throat and with
my |[ one last ]| gasping breath
i'd apologize for bleeding on ur shirt<3



To love a person is to learn the song
That is in their heart,
And to sing it to them
When they have forgotten.



And I know that I should probably just let go
Because I know that it wont work out and everyone tells me that
So I try to convice myelf that its better off that way without him
But then I'll think of him and remember his smile that makes me melt
And I cant imangine myself with anyone else
And no matter how hard it will be I want to be with him



A part of you has grown in me, together forever we shall be, never apart.
Maybe in distance but not in the heart .



The first time I saw you was the last time I saw my heart.



The best feeling in the world is to be millions of miles away and still be able to picture his eyes.



Unless it's mad, passionate, extraordinary love it's a waste of your time
There are too many mediocre things in life
Love shouldn't be one of them.
-Dream for an Insomniac



There are three types of people in this world:
The ones who keep you alive
The ones who would otherwise cause you to die
And the ones who somehow manage to do both at the same time.



There will come a time in your life when you will become infatuated with a single soul
For this person you'd do anything and not think twice about it
 But when asked why you have no answer
You'll try your whole life to understand how a single person can affect you as much as they do
 But you'll never find out
And no matter how badly you hate it or how badly it hurts you'll love this person without regret
For the rest of your life.



There will be always be that special place in my heart open only to you.



Through any kind of weather
What if the sky should fall
Just as long as we're together
It doesn't matter much at all
-Judy Blume



To continue loving somebody even though there's no chance of that love ever thriving...
That's romance.
-Dawson's Creek



Love is passion, obsession, something you cant live without.
Fall head over heels, find someone who you can love like crazy that will love you the same way back.
How do you find them? Well, forget your head and listen to your heart.
The truth is, there is no sense living your life without this.
-Meet Joe Black



Growing up with you will always be one of my favorite memories.
You were without a doubt my first love and I will never forget the time spent with you.
Though things & people change, memories remain & I will always hold ours close to my heart.
We had our ups and downs - all high school relationships do but I know what we had was real.
I will always hold what we had on a platform because so far, you are all I know of love.



I can make no apologies for following my heart.
-Gavin Rossdale



Nearly everybody gets twitterpatted in the springtime.
You get weak in the knees. Your head starts to whirl.
Before you know it, you're knocked for a loop.



Something happens when you look at me, I forget to speak
Something happens when you kiss my mouth, my knees get so weak
Could it be true this is what God has meant for me
Cause baby I cant believe something like you could happen to me.



There Are Millions Of People In This world, But In The end It All Comes Down To One



It's not the way you say my name, it's not the way you smile.
It's not the way you act the same; it's not the way you laugh for awhile.
It's not the words you say to me, it's not the things you do.
It's not the things I need from you, it's just the way I love you.



It's a curious thought, but it's only when you see people looking ridiculous
That you realize just how much you love them.
-Agatha Christie



What can I do to make you mine?
Fallen so hard, so fast this time.
What did I say, what did you do?
How did I fall in love with you?



Oh, kiss me and smile for me
Tell me that you'll wait for me
Hold me like you'll never let me go.
-Leaving On A Jet Plane



Some things are meant to happen. Some things are bound to be.
Love has a way of making doubting hearts believe. Sometimes in spite of difference
Sometimes against all odds, some things are meant to happen. It's written in the stars.



Falling even more in love with you, letting go of all I've held on to
I'm standing here until you make me move I'm hanging by a moment here with you



\\....a SpeCiAl sMiLe - a SpEciAL fAce....//
//....A SpeciAl someone I CanT RepLaCe....\\
\\......I LoVe yOu aNd I AlwAyS wiLL......//
//...u’vE fiLLeD a plAce nO 1 eLsE wIll...\\



Follow all them dreams..
Maybe then you'll see
That you and me
Are meant to be.



:: I will hold you in my heart ::
:: until I can hold you in my arms ::



You're the only one who sweeps me off my feet
Makes my soul go weak
The only one who makes my heart wanna beat..



you have no idea how much you've changed me
you gave me reasons to smile, thoughts to think,
kisses to dream about, but most of all
you gave me memories to never forget



bf can mean two things
b o y f r i e n d -»the ones
that can hold you forever
and never get t.i.r.e.d....
or..b e s t f r i e n d -»the
ones you can tell all your
secrets and dreams to....
well i guess im pretty lucky
cause i found both..in the
*....s a m e p e r s o n....*



.x. In a thousand ways .x.
.x. In a thousand hidden places .x.
.x. You have touched my heart .x.
.x. And the feeling never changes .x.



*6* words [SimpLe] but (tRuE)
I'd be sOo [LoSt] without *yOu*



×.·´`·.×UnLeSs YoU CaN SeE iNsiDe mY[ HeArT ]
tHeN tHeReS[ nO WaY ]YoU cOuLd pOsSibLy
UnDeRsTanD HoW _.he._ MaKeS Me[ FeeL ]×.·´`·.×



-» u kno that [ f e e l i n q ] u get weN
wen ur gOing a little tO hiqh On a swiNg
Or u hit a bump On the rOad n ur stOmach
kinda f l i p z..?------------------------------
thats hOw i feel when im arOund |[ .yOu. ]|



[..yOu tOuch my heaRt in waYz..]
(*thAt wOrDs cOuld 'neVer saY*)



•x[LoVe] iS oNe oF ThOsE [CrAzY ThiNgS]x
YoU JuSt [cAnT FiNd ThE WoRds]
xTo TeLL wHaT uR [FeeLiN iNsiDe]x•



yOu tUrN mE InSiDe oUt & MaKe mY HeArT SpEaK
I don’t nEed nE oNe else, yOuRe aLL I NeEd



if i had a penny for everytime i fell in love
with someone as great as you i would
have * exactly * one * cent



iM rEaDiN Ur NoTe AgAiN
ThERez NoT a WoRd i CoMpReHeNd
..ExCePt WhEn u SiGneD it..
"iLL LoVe YoU fOreVEr"



if yOu take yOur lOve away frOm me
- i ‘ L L . g O . C r A z Y -



I wiSh i knEw [exaCtLy] wHat to say
sO i couLd be thE one
to taKe yOur breatH awAy



YoU kNoW YoU LoVe SoMeOnE
WhEn tHe mErE ThOuGhT Of HuRtInG ThEm
iS EnOuGh tO BrEaK YoUr oWn hEaRt....



x----------» ||LoVe || «-----------x



Lying next to you
I feel your heart beat against mine
And it makes me smile
`Cause they beat [× t o g e t h e r ×]



YoU tOLd mE yOu’d aLwAyS cArE
BuT i LeArNeD u NeVeR wILL
YeT nO mAtTeR wHaT yOU dO tO mE
..i LoVe YOu StILL..



*WeN i LoOkEd In Ur EyEz i kNeW iT wAs TrUe*
My HeArT nEvEr LiEs -- iM iN lUv WiT u



People say *what's the point in liking someone who doesn't like you back*
they are right there isn't a point, but you can't help who you like it's not up to you,
your heart kinda just decides for you and there is no turning back
once your heart makes up it's mind



You make me -s M i L e- for no reason,
You make me -L a U g H- at the dumbest things...
But most of all you make me -L o V e- you,
When I -s H o U L d N 't-



The world is going to throw us a million reasons why this isn't going to work out
between me and you, but what the world doesn't know is that I'm armed
with the one reason why it will, and that's because I love you.



I started thinking about you and going through old pictures wondering why i love you so much
and then I started crying i had no explanation there is just something about you
that makes me love you so much..and you dont even know



DiStAnCe mEaNs sO LiTTLe wHEN u LoVe sOmEoNe ThIS much



Once you find someone you really love*
try your HaRdEsT not to lose them
because you will NeVeR get over the feeling of Loneliness



Lookin in your eyes
Seeing all I need
Everything you are is everything to me
These are the moments I know heaven must exist
These are the moments I know all I need is this
I have all ive waited for
And I could not ask for more



True .x. Love Is when you miss him Even before he leaves you-



[ L O V E ] ..iTs gIvIng sOmEoNE tHe pOwEr tO dEsTrOy yOu.. ..BuT tRuStIn tHaT tHeY wOnT..



I need that guy who can make me laugh just by the way he says hello when I pick up the phone.
The guy who makes my hands shake when I'm sitting next to him.
And the guy who isn't afraid to keep hugging me when Im not ready to let go yet.



love isnt bout the hugs n kisses or the "I lOve YouS" or the "I miSs yOus"
its bout the butterflies u get n the chills that run down ur spine
that pain u get when he walks away & you dont know why



[[sEaRcHiiNg FoR a SiGn-»
«-WiShiNg FoR tHe BeSt]]
[[aNd JuSt WhEn Mi HoPeS wErE wEaRiiNg ThiN-»
«-U tUrNeD My HeArT tO LoVe AgAiN]]
[[LiKe A miRaClE oUt Of ThE bLuE-»
«YoU rEsCuEd Me LiKe ThE aNgELs dO]]
[[U sHoOk ThE hEaVeNs aNd CrAcKeD tHa SkY-»
«-WhEn U wALkeD iNtO mY LiFe]]
[[WhEn U aPpEaReD liKe SiGhT tO tHe BliNd-»
«-LiKe MuSiC tO mY EaRz]]
[[LiKe ReAsOn To RyHmE-»
«-LoVe CaMe To Me WiTh OpEn ArMz]]



sWeet »¦seNsatiOns¦« doWn my spiNe thinkin about »¦you¦« all the
tiMe »¦unBelievabLe¦« but true baby bOy i felL in »¦loVe¦« wiTh you



'LoVe Is LiKe A bUbBlE.
aN iLLuSiOn Of PrETtY
cOlOrS..bUt WhEn ThE
bUbBlE pOpS....uR lEfT
wIt NuTtIn' BuT tHe. . .
[*.M e M o R i E s.*]



Love can be a many splendid thing
Cant deny the joy it brings
A dozen roses- Diamond rings
Dreams for sale - And fairy tales
It’ll make you hear a symphony
And you’ll just want the world to see
But like a drug that makes you blind
It’ll fool you every time
ive been sure that a miracle couldve brought
you here to me..when im with you heavens all i see..



Take l.o.v.e.,
multiply it by infinity,
and take it to the depths of forever...
and you will still have only a ((glimpse)) of
..how I feel for you..



tHere ArE 3 ThInGz tHaT mAkE dA WoRLd gO RoUnD
*HuGz* *KiSsEs* n *I LoVe YoUs*



I love the way we finish each others sentences
I love the way you look at me
I love how I know you`ll always be there when I need you to be
I love how complete I feel when I am with you
I love the way I fit in your arms
I love the way you make me laugh
I love the way you treat my friends
I love the way your voice sounds over the phone
I love how every time I look at you, you take my breath away
I love how I thank God everyday for bringing someone as wonderful as you into my life
I love how you love me
I love you just the way you are



-iF ThErE's SoMeOnE u rEaLLy WaNnA bE WiTh-
*ThEy'Re WoRtH wAiTiNg FoR*



The test of love doesn't come when you're together
it comes when you part ways and realize
that in spite of "breaking up" the love is still there



Find arms that will hold you at your weakest
Eyes that will look into yours when you're at your ugliest
And a heart that will love you at your worst
Cause thats the only love that really matters



a priceless moment is when the
person // you have fallen in love
with - -» looks you right in the
eyes and tells you that they
have » fallen in love with you «



love is a crazy messed up emotion . . . it will make
you [ [ s m i l e ] ] make you » l a u g h «
get you ~ c r y i n g ~ make you feel like
× d y i n g × but no matter how it makes you feel . .
u know its worth EvErY second



l O v e '- is a feeling, deep in your
«3 heArt that squeezes you tight '`
nd` forces you never to let gO iLu



"it doesn`t matter how long you`ve known him for.
if he had you smiling from day one never let him go"



Tell me you'll never forget me, because if I thought you would, I would never leave.
-Winnie the Pooh



Love is knowing someone can destroy you
But letting your guard down anyways.


Live your life to the fullest
And nobody dies a virgin

Because life screws us all



Life Isn't About The Breaths We Take
But The Moments That Take Our Breath Away



Live Your Dreams
It's Not As Hard As It May Seem



If You Don't Stand For Something
You Will Fall For Everything



.::It Takes Both Rain And Sunshine To Make A Rainbow::



Sometimes We Must Get Hurt In Order To Grow
We Must Fail In Order To Know
Sometimes Our Vision Clears
Only After Our Eyes Are Washed Away With Tears



Day By Day Nothing Seems To Change
But Pretty Soon, Everything's Different



Don't Look For The Light At The End Of The Tunnel
Go Light It Yourself



Don't Ask God For An Easy Life
Ask Him To Make You A Strong Person



Maybe God Wants Us To Meet A Few Wrong People
Before Meeting The Right One,
So That When We Finally Meet The Right Person,
We Will Know How To Be Grateful For Them



Life Is Too Short So Kiss Slowly
Love Deeply, And Forgive Quickly
Because You'll Never Get This Time Back



"Some Guys Are Like Playing With Flames
You Don't Want To Get To Close For The Fear Of Getting Burned"



You're Not A Failure Until You Refuse To Get Up



"Never Let Your Schooling Interfere With Your Education."
- Mark Twain



Advice Is What We Ask For
When We Already Know The Answer
But Wish We Didn't



"Kids, You Tried Your Best And Failed Miserably.
The Lesson Is, Never Try."
-Homer Simpson



Curiousity Didn't Kill The Cat
Curiousity Made The Kittens



Do Not Go Where The Path May Lead
Instead Go Where There Is No Path, And Leave A Trail.



A Person Who Asks A Question Is A Fool For Five Minutes
A Person Who Doesn't Is A Fool Forever



Noone Can Tell Me What To Do
It's My Life And I'll Live It The Way I Want To



I Always Knew Looking Back On The Tears Would Make Me Laugh
But I Never Knew Looking Back On The Laughs Would Make Me Cry



Don't Cry Because It's Over
Smile Because It Happened



Never Start Frowning Because You Never Know
Who's Falling In Love With Your Smile



¨*:·.People Are Gonna Talk About You Especially
When They Envy You And The Life You Live, So Let Them
You Affected Their Lives, They Didn't Affect Yours...·:*



Somewhere There's Someone Who Dreams Of Your Smile
And Finds In Your Presence That Life Is Worthwhile
So When You Are Lonely Remember It's True,
Somebody, Somewhere Is Thinking Of You



Be More Concerned With Your Character Than Your Reputation
Because Your Character Is Who You Are
And Your Reputation Is What Others Think Of You



In Reality A Player Isn't Playing Another Person,
He's Playing Himself



Pictures never change,
The people in them do..



You Might Regret What You Do
But You'll Regret What You Don't Do So Much More



The Next Time You Think You're Perfect,
Try Walking On Water



Listen Closely To Your Enemies
They Tell You Your Faults



On Your Birth Certificate It Didn't Say Life Would Be Fair



Always Be Yourself Because Those Who Mind Don't Matter
And Those Who Matter Don't Mind



For Every Minute You Spend Angry
You Lose Sixty Seconds Of Happiness



Just When You Think Things Can't Get Any Worse, They Do
But Life Is Like An Hour Glass
Sooner Or Later, Everything Hits Rock Bottom
But All You Have To Do Is Be Patient
And Wait For Something To Turn Everything Around



You'll Never See The Stars
If You're Always Looking Down



Experience Is The Worst Teacher
It Gives The Test Before Presenting The Lesson



You Can Complain Because Roses Have Thorns
Or You Can Rejoice Because Thorns Have Roses



Don't Look Where You Fell
But Where You Slipped



The Early Bird Gets The Worm
But The Second Mouse Gets The Cheese



Don't Look Down On Anyone
Unless Your Helping Them Up



It's Ok To Care About What You Look Like
But Obsessing Over It Can Make Little Flaws Seem Huge



+*^^*+ Life Is A Game - Play It- Enjoy It - Win It+*^^*+



The Things That Come To Those That Wait
May Be The Things Left By Those Who Got There First



"He Who Reaches All His goals
Has Probably Not Chosen Them High Enough"
~Herbert Von Karajan



Words Are Meaningless
If They Contradict Your Actions



Sometimes There Is No Next Time
No Time-Outs And No Second Chances
Sometimes It's Now Or Never



Sometimes You Can't Rely On Anyone To Be There
To Catch You When You Fall,
Sometimes You Have To Be There For Yourself



You Think You Know My Feelings
My Struggles And Fears
But It's Just Like A Diary
You Think You Know
But You Have No Idea



Not Everything That Is Faced Can Be Changed
But Nothing Can Be Changed Until It Is Faced



People Lie
Things Go Wrong
Shit Happens
But Life Goes On



Many Of Us Spend Half Our Time Wishing For Things
We Could Have If We Didn't Spend Half Our Time Wishing



This Is Your Life
And It's Ending One Minute At A Time



"I'd Rather Be Hated For Who I Am
Than Loved For Who I Am Not"
-Kurt Cobain



"Courage Is When You Are Scared To Death
But You Saddle Up Anyways"
- John Wayne



Just Because Two People Argue
It Doesn't Mean They Don't Love Each Other
And Just Because They Don't Argue
It Doesn't Mean They Do



If You Tell The Truth
You Don't Have To Remember What You Said



Never Apologize For Sayin What You Feel
Cause That's Like Sayin Sorry For Bein Real



When You Have The Perfect Chance
Don't Hold Back
Make It The Perfect Moment



You Can Close Your Eyes To THings You Don't Want To See
But You Can't Close Your Heart To Things You Don't Want To Feel



To The World You May Be One Person
But To One Person You May Be The World



Above Everything Else: Truth, Respect, And Loyalty
Because Without These, No Relationship
In Terms Of Friendship Or Love, Can Last



Sometimes You Just Gotta Stop Wishing For Things To Happen
Risk All Of Your Feelings And Go After Them Yourself



Life Is Like A Box Of Colored Condoms
No Matter Which One You Pick, Your Still Getting Screwed



If You Love Life
Life Will Love You Back



It's Like Rain On Your Wedding Day
It's A Free Ride When You've Already Paid
It's The Good Advice That You Just Didn't Take
Who Would've Thought, It Figures



*Even Though I've Been Hurt I Remain [ S t R o N g]
Me Have Regrets? -->> Your Dead Wrong
Cause You Gotta [ T a K e C h A n C e S]
Your [W h O l E l i F e] Long*



It's Hard To Pretend You Love Someone If You Really Don't
But It's Harder To Pretend You Don't Love Someone If You Really Do



[Life] Is Full Of (Secrets And Lies)
..So When You Get Screwed Over..
.D.o.n.t. .B.e. .S.u.r.p.r.i.s.e.d.



*I've Learned In Life*
--To Survive You Need To Keep Two Things In Mind--
|..Prepare For The Worst And Hope For The Best..|



.::*Day After Day Im More Confused*::.



I Figured Out Why We Close Our Eyes When We
[Cry, Kiss & Dream]
Cause The Best Things In Life Are Always Unseen



Accept Everything About Yourself-No Apologies, No Regrets.



Don't Let The Past Create The Future
Let The Future Erase The Past



Someimes You Get So Good At Hiding Everything
That You Start To Believe It All Yourself



You Really Don't Begin Living Your Life
Until You Start Doing Things
That Increase The Chance Of It Ending



Sometimes What Your Looking For
Is Right Where You Left It



Just Because I Said Nothin
Didn't Mean I Didn't Care



Trust Takes Years To Build
And Only A Moment To Break

Keep In Mind That It Can Only Be Rebuilt
*..So Many Times..*



"You Might Not Be Happy At The Moment
But If You Stay True To Yourself You'll Be Happy In The End"
-Rose McGowan



"The Truth Leaves A Repairable Cut
But A Lie Leaves A Jagged Wound
It Doesn't Easily Heal."
-Will Smith



So Many People Can Make You Laugh
Only The Ones You Love Can Make You Cry



Speak When You're Angry
And You Will Make The Best Speech You Will Ever Regret



Sometimes You Gotta Stop And Remember
You're Not Gonna Be Young Forever
Think Smart, Have Fun, Stay True
And Don't Ever Grow Up



Kisses Are Like Tears
The Real Ones Can't Be Held Back



"Life Is Desperate
Life Is Chances You
Never Get To Take Back"
-Dawson's Creek



You Are Who You Are Today Because Of Your Past
So Always Remember Everything Even If It Didn't Last



Life Gets Harder As It Passes You By
So Never Let Things Get To You Just
::Hold Your Head Up High::



The Best Feelings Are The Ones
That Have No Words To Describe Them



All I Ever Wanted Was To Pick Apart The Day
And Put The Pieces Back Together My Way



»AlWaYs LisTen tO - [yOuR HeArT] - cuZ evEn thO iTs On yOuR leFt :+:iTs (.AlWaYs.) riGht«



-:- tHeReS nO >>pOiNt iN tRyInG tO rUsH fAtE tHe [bEsT] tHiNgS iN *liFe* aRe WoRtH tHe WaIt -:-



"I Take Care Of Myself Because I Learned Early On
That I'm The Only Person Who's Responsible For Me"
-Halle Berry



«ºLiFeS FuLL oF DeCiSiOnSº»
¤»sO bE CaReFuL WhAt YoU ChOoSe«¤
°*CuZ LiFe iS YoUrS tO ChEriSh*°
°¤BuT iTs aLsO YoUrS tO LoSe¤°



Think -S m a r t -
Stay -T r u e-
And -F o l l o w- Your -H e a r t-



1 tHiNg i LeArNeD BoUt LiFe -iT gOEs On-*
1 tHiNg i LeArNeD BoUt LoVe-iT nEvEr LaStS-*
1 tHiNg i LeArNeD BoUt PeOpLe -ThEy ChAnGe FaSt-*



--×-- aLwAyS wEaR a ° S m i L e ° --×--
BeCaUsE iT gOeS wItH • e V e R y T h I n G •



Don't Ever Give Up On What Your Heart Beats For



You cannot do a kindness too soon,
for you never know how soon it will be too late.



It takes you less time to do something right
than to explain why you did it wrong.



"One of these days it all comes together
One of those days that goes on forever
Think I sound crazy? Maybe, whatever
What's it all about?
It's about life, it's about fun
It's over before it has begun..."



*...enjoy the little things...*
*....because one day u will look back...*
*...and realize they were the BIG things in life...*



((I Have Learned That))
Good-Byes Wll Always Hurt
Words Will Never Replace The Feelings
Memories Good And Or Bad Will Bring Tears
Pictures Will Never Replace Having Been There



If you get a chance
[take it]
If it changes your life
[let it]
[no xpectations]--[no regrets]



"Why are you trying so hard to fit in,
when you are born to stand out?"



pEoPLe sAy tHaT rigHt bEfOrE yOu diE uR LiFe fLaShEs bEfOrE uR eYeZ
..mAkE iT wOrTh wAtChiNg..



ThE ((mOmEnT)) mAy Be -TeMpOrArY-
bUt ThE ((mEmOriEs)) ArE -fOrEvEr-




.·¨·..·> Sometimes a feeling you start havin again is simply just a feeling you never stopped havin



:* ThE wAy I sEe It,
YoU CaN EiThEr RuN fRoM iT,
oR lEaRn FRoM It....*:
-ThE LioN KinG-



We know what we are, but not what we may be.
- William Shakespeare






if you hold back your feelings because your afraid of being hurt,
you'll end up hurting yourself anyway



"People only see what they are prepared to see"
-Ralph Waldo Emerson



"It is easy to dodge our responsibilities,
but we cannot dodge the consequences
of dodging our responsibilities"
-Sir Josiah Stamp



"The greatest waste in the world
is the difference between what we are and what we could become"
-Ben Herbster



You miss 100% of the shots you never take -Wayne Gretzky



"Challenges are what make life interesting;
overcoming them is what makes life meaningful."
-Joshua J. Marine



"Do what you feel in your heart to be right
for you'll always be criticized anyway"
~Eleanor Roosevelt



"No one can make you feel inferior without your consent"
~Eleanor Roosevelt



Its so hard trusting people..
because if they dont care enough to be honest with you,
then they're not gonna care in the end when you're hurt..



"Do It Now Cuz Tommorow ain't promised today"



"In the end, we are all who we are...
no matter how much we may appear to have changed."



We hold on to things the tightest
When we are forced to let them go
We always want things a certain way
When we know they cant be so
Dreams always last the longest
When they are furthest from our reach
And the lessons we can learn the most from
Are often the very ones we teach
We spend our time trying to see things
When perspective is one thing we lack
And we never appreciate what we got
Until we cant get it back
We expect the whole world to give us a break
And yet ironically we'll find
That when others come askin the same from us
We tell them they're out of their mind
We tell everyone whats wrong with the world
And we do nothing to make it right
We complain about families falling apart
And yet do nothing to keep them tight
We complain about not havin enough time in our lives
To do what we must do
Yet if we were given more hours in the day
We would use up all that too



learn from your past
move on, grow stronger
people are fake
but let your trust last longer
do what you have to do
but always stay true
-»and never let anyone get the best of you«-



..*About all you can do in life is be who you are,
some people will love you for you.
Most people will love you for what you can do for them.
And some won't like you at all*..



.:.When someone hugs you, let them be the first one to let go.:.



don't miss anyone from your past
there's always a reason why they
didn't make it to your *FuTuRe*



* im not gunna live my life like....*
-C o U L d A-
-W o U L d A-
-S h O u L d A-
. . i JuS dO iT . .



LifE iz 2 ShOrT sO :
: LivE hApPiLy ::
… LOvE dEepLy // fOrGivE qUickLy…
AnD fOrgEt ThE paSt ...
BuT nOt wuT iT •[ T a U g H t ]•



d0nt w0rry ab0ut fallin in l0ve
cuz in m0st fairytales
they d0nt find each 0ther until
[[ . T . h . e . . L . a . s . T . . P . a . G . e . ]]



L.i.V.e (L)(a)(U)(g)(H) -x-L•O•V•E-x-



*iT's NoT eNoUgH To HaVe A dReaM
...uNLeSs YoUr WiLLiNg To PuRsUe iT
*It'S nOt EnOuGh To KnOw WhAt'S RiGhT
...UnLeSs YoUr StRoNg EnOuGh To Do iT
*iTs NoT EnOuGh To LeArN ThE trUtH
...UnLeSs YoU aLsO LeArN tO LiVe It
*It'S nOt EnOuGh To ReAcH fOr LoVe
...UnLeSs YoU cArE tO GiVe iT*



I wAnNa Be ReMeMbErEd As Da
GuRL wHoO aLwAyZ sMiLeD
EvEn iF sUmThiN wAs WrOnG
Da oNe WhOo WuLd BriGhTeN uR dAy
EvEn If ShE cuLdNt BriGhTen
*HeR oWn*



*:·.iF u HaD oNe ShOt oR OnE.·:*
.·:*OpPoRtUnItY... tO sEiZe*:·.
*:·.EvErYtHiN u EvA wAnTeD.·:*
.·:*iN oNe mOMeNt...WuD yOu*:·.
*:·.CaPtUrE iT oR JuS LeT iT.·:*



-Mah TeArZ aRe 2 mAnY-
-Mah SmILez R 2 FeW-
-LiFez gOtTeN hArDa-
-iM tRyiN 2 b sTrOnGa-
-Im TrYiN 2 LeArN-
-To Do Da rIgHt tHiNGz-
-BuT eVeRyThING i Do-
-JuS aInT eNuFf-
-i Waz nEva wArNeD-
-dAt LiFe wUd b dIs TuFf-



«-·´¯`·-·´¯`-¦--¦- ·´¯`·-·´¯`-»
iM LiviN eVerY moMenT Like iTs My LasT
iM noT LeTTiN mY fuTure Be baSed oN mY pAsT



X U GotA [ HuRt ] iN OrDeR 2 kNO X
X FaLL In oRdEr 2 [ GrOw ] X
X [ LoSe ] iN OrDeR 2 gAiN X
X CuZ MoSt Of LiFeS [ LeSsOnS ] X
X aRe LeArNeD iN [ pAiN ] X



.stay true to yourself
.because there are very few
.people in the world
[ w h o - w i l l - s t a y ]
[ t r u e - t o - y o u ]



P.r.O.M.i.S.e.S mEaN [EvErYtHiNg]
BuT [AfTeR] tHeYrE b.R.o.K.e.N
[SoRrY] mEaNs N.o.T.h.in.



B R E A K * T H E * R U L E S
[ .s.t.a.n.d. * .a.p.a.r.t. ]
-» iGnOrE yOuR hEaD «-
aNd | FoLLoW | uRe HeArT



..The Only People You Need In Your Life..
..Are The People That Need You In Theirs..



"When you're safe inside your room you tend to dream
Of a place where nothing's harder than it seems
No one ever wants or bothers to explain
Of the heartache life can bring and what it means"



I'm Old Enough To Know Better
But I'm Still Too Young To Care



"Everybody's at war with different things...
I'm at war with my own heart sometimes."
---Tupac Shakur



When life hands you lemons, say, "Oh yeah, I like lemons. What else ya got?"
~Henry Rollins



If you feel like you're under control, you're just not going fast enough.
~Mario Andretti



"The oldest and strongest emotion of mankind is fear."
--- H.P. Lovecraft



*The sun is gonna shine, and the rain is gonna fall.
You may get burnt or wet, but that's life.
So dance in the puddles and bathe in the sun,
and at the end of the day smile
because everything's going to be alright*



Trust is the hardest thing to gain, the easiest to lose, and almost impossible to get back.



Sometimes I just wish I could press fast forward to see if it's all worth it.



I wanna live with no drama, wanna be happy.
Live life stress free. I'm not gunna let this world get the best of me.



"Why am I dying to live if i'm just living to die"
-Tupac Shakur



"A true man does not need to romance a different girl every night,
but the same girl for the rest of his life."



Although the world is full of suffering,
it is also full of the overcoming of it.
--Helen Keller



When I do right, no one ever remembers.
When I do wrong, no one ever forgets.



I've learned that you can keep going long after you think you can't.



Think about what you say because it is a fact
no matter how bad you want to you can never take your words back.



The one thing I did wrong with my life was letting in the people I love
but turning away the people who actually loved me back.



Time is precious and it's slipping away.
So cherish every moment.
Day after day.



"if you want to know what a man is like,
take a good look at how he treats his inferiors not his equals"



The best things in life aren't planned, they just happen.



Be kind, for everyone you meet is fighting a harder battle.



Just because you know your meant for someone
doesn't mean that you're meant for them right now.



"If you judge people, you have no time to love them."
--Mother Teresa



*..»iF yOu dOnT taKe thE c h a N c E*«..
yOu'll n E v e R kNoW jUs hOw
*«..[p.E.r.F.e.c.T]*..» sumthing caN bE



There's One Freedom Everyone Has
We Can Choose Who We Love
But That's Exactly What Is Wrong
Because So Can The Other Person



"Everything is OK in the end.
If it's not OK,
then it's not the end."



"We all take different paths in life,
but no matter where we go,
we take a little of each other everywhere"



No one is ugly in this world
they're just not physically attractive for you



Life doesn't suck
it just fucks with you till you learn how to fuck it back



"Sometimes I lie awake at night,
and I ask,'Where have I gone wrong?'
Then a voice says to me,
'This is going to take more than one night.'"
-Charlie Brown



"I'd love to be the one to disappoint you when I dont fall down"



" You spend your whole life thinking about life,
and just when you've figured the whole thing out, you die!"
- Ozzy Osbourne



"Ya gots to work with what you gots to work with."
- Stevie Wonder



Sometimes you're afraid to like someone
you're afraid of losing what you already have
with that person
but life is all about risks.
Don't be a person who has to look back and wonder
what they would have or could have had
No one waits forever



Life is made up of years that mean nothing,
and moments that mean it all.



Throughout life you will meet one person who is unlike any other;
you could talk to this person for hours and never get bored;
you could tell them things and they won't judge you...
this person is your soulmate, your best friend...
don't ever let them go.



It's funny how someone lives each and everyday of their life
not knowing that their existance is the reason you live.



It's amazing, some people,
they just say these small little things...
one sentence...
and it changes the way you feel about them in an instant...
small little words that can hurt you so much
or make you fall deeply in love forever.
It changes everything,
nothing between you is ever really the same again,
even if they don't know it, it still happens.



Work like you don't need the money.
Love like you've never been hurt.
Dance like nobody's watching.



Have you ever wondered which hurts the most:
saying something and wishing you hadn't,
or saying nothing and wishing you had?



Someone should sue Disney for putting the ideas in little kids heads
that every girl has a prince and everything ends up happily ever after.



The only difference between failing and falling
is whether or not you decide to get back up again.



They say, "forgive and forget"
but if someone's worth forgiving, you'll never forget them.



Things change, people change...
but that doesn’t mean that you forget the past or try to cover it up.
It simply means you move on and treasure the memories.



"As we grow up, we learn that even the one person
that wasn't ever supposed to let you down, probably will.
You will have your heart broken more than once
...and it will hurt more every time.
You'll fight with your best friend.
You'll blame a new love for things an old one did.
You'll cry because time is passing too fast
And you'll eventually lose someone you love.
So take too many pictures, laugh too much & love like you've never been hurt
Because every sixty seconds you spend upset
Is a minute of happiness you'll never get back."



There are things that go without saying and there are things better left un-said.
There are things that should never be uddered outloud,
and there are things you have to hear to believe.
But the ones that stay with us are the things we long to say...but dont.



If we spend all our time worrying what the world thinks of us...
we might miss the most wonderful, special moments
that might have meant...the world



In the book of life's questions the answers are not in the back.
We have to find them ourselves.
-Charles Shultz-



Life comes with no guarantees
except that smiling will brighten your face,
laughing will enhance your eyes,
and falling in love will change your life



We will regret all those things we thought of but didnt ever do.



"When one door closes, another opens, and its our job to go find that door."
--Matthew Perry--



Appreciate the good times,
but don't take the worst for granted.
cause you only get so many second chances



*You gotta take some *chances*
you gotta risk losing it all
you gotta close your *eyes* and leap
because it just might be worth the fall...*



There is only one constant in life: change



When life hands you lemons, use them to make lemonade.
When life hands you limes, use them to make margaritas.



never f0rqet what pe0ple say when they`re mad
cuz thats when the truth c0mes 0ut



life is full of `regrets ;so
it`s better to regret `what
u did do rather then what
you d i d n ` t d o '



you dont kno anything bout my attitude
my problems or my life...cause u neva
seen it ..- through my eyes -..



You gotta take the good with the bad, smile with the sad,
love what you got and remember what you had,
always forgive but never forget,
learn from mistakes but never regret.



Sunny days wouldn't be special, if it wasn't for rain
Joy wouldn't feel so good, if it wasn't for pain
Death gotta be easy, 'cause life is hard
It'll leave you physically, mentally, and emotionally scarred.
-50 Cent



*life is too precious to worry about stupid stuff*
*have fun* fall in love*say what u wanna say*do what u wanna do*
*regret nothing*and dont let people who dont matter bring u down*
*take chances*tell the truth*date someone totally wrong for you*say no*
*spend all your cash*get to know someone random*be random*say i love you*
*sing out loud*laugh at a stupid joke*cry*get revenge*apologize*
*tell someone how much they mean to you*
*let someone know what they are missing*blackmail*
*laugh till your stomach hurts*live life*



"It's better to have loved and lost then to live with regret"



"When somebody likes you,
That makes it so hard for you not to like them.
But you need to stop and think whether you actully like them,
Or if you are just enjoying being liked."



the only thing that matters
is just following your heart
and eventually you`ll finally get it right



Life with men is like a deck of cards...
You need a Heart to love them
A Diamond to marry them
A Club to beat them
And a Spade to bury the bastards.



Our lives are shaped by people who love us..
and people who refuse to love us.



The ((*mOmEnT*)) may be -TeMpOrArY-
But the ((*MeMoRiEs*)) are -FoReVeR-



everyOne`z qOnna . h U r T . u
sOoner .Or. later u just have *
tO--deciide [whOs] *wOrth* gOiin
-- thrOuqh -- the [ p a ii n ] "---



There ain't nothin' such as a playa..
Just a lil boy scared of a bRoKeNn`HeArRtT..



::There are places I'll remember all my life::
((-Though some have c h a n g e d-))
…Some -forever- not for better,…
<<Some have //gone\\ and some //remain\\>>
~>All these PlAcEs had their .m.o.m.e.n.t.s.<~
_With lovers and friends I still can recall_
*Some are dead and some are living,*
[In my life I've l-o-v-e-d them ALL.]



n o b o d y made a *greater* mistake
than he who did ((nothing)) because
he could [only] do a ~little~
-Edmund Burke



d . ·* r . ·* e . ·* a . ·*m as you'll live forever
d .: a .: n .: c .: e like no one is watching
L <3 o <3 v <3 e like you have never been hurt
L ·-|- i ·-|- v·-|- e life to its fullest*



if yOu cant find somthin to
[ l i v e ] fOr*yOu best find somthin tO -d i e- fOr



beiin perfect may be ok with barbiie ...
buht remember , she ended up with ken
a man with no *d i c k*



Why is it when you're little your parents teach you to walk and talk,
Then when you get older all you hear is sit down and shut up?



ThErE aRe tWo KiNdSz Of PeOpLe In ThIs WoRlD ..
tHe kInD tHaT sTaNd BeSiDe YoUu ThRo ThIcK
nd ThIn.. AnD tHe KiNd ThAt MaKeS you sTrOnGeR
bY --<3 kiLLiNg . YoUu . FrOm . WiThIN



I Wish Life Was Like The Movies
Where You Always Get A Second Chance
The Bad Guy Is Always Caught
And In The End, Everything Is Okay



Sometimes if you really want to make things work
You have to keep your mouth shut and put your hurt aside.



If God had meant for today to be perfect, he wouldn't have invented tomorrow.



Why are the words Good-bye, I'm sorry, and I love you so easily pronounced but so hard to say



Sometimes the people you expect to kick you when youre down
Are the ones who help you get back up.



The tragedy of life is not that it ends so soon, but that we wait so long to begin it.



School is still the same..
There's still that one guy that you get up and go to school for in the morning.
The one with the mysterious confidence that every girl falls for.
Those years of school wouldn't have been the same without him.
I wouldn't have been the same without him.
- Never Been kissed



I guess the most important things are the hardest things to say..



Life is about not knowing, having to change,
taking the moment and making the best of it
without knowing whats gonna happen next.



ThIs iSn't a PeRfEcT wOrLd...PeOpLe gET hUrT..
YoU sMiLe wHen u FeEL LiKe CrYiNg..
YoU aCt LiKe yOu'Re oK wHeN uR fALLiN aPaRt..
..buT YoU gOttA LeT gO aND mOvE oN..
-CuZ tHeRE's NuThIn eLsE u CaN dO-



Life offers you a t h o u s a n d chances..
..All you have to do is take one.



To dream of the person
you'd like to be is a
waste of the one you are



every story has an ending
but in life . . every ending
is just a new beginning
`* uptOwn girls



One day someone will walk into your life & make you
Realize why it never worked out with anyone else



`- -» h0pe for the [ best ] but expect the [ worst ]
life isn`t like a mOvie it`s aLL [ * unreHearSed -- ]



Life’s a * bitch *
Cuz if it were a * slut *
It would be * EaSy *



youve labeled your whole lifestyle
and changed the way you dress
now take a good look in the mirror
and tell me, who are you trying to impress



I think I've finally come to the point in my life where I am happy with myself
And know that I don't have to change or be a certain way for people to like me any more.
I am just fine, and if someone doesn't think I am, screw them..



my momma used to always tell me if u can`t find something to live for
you best find something to die for



If LoOkZ cOuLd ReAlLy KiLl
ThEn My PrOfEsSiOn WoUlD bE



Bitchy? yEah i mAy bE sLightLy . .
iTs juSt caUse idK hOw tO sAy
"fuCk yOu" poLitLey



-» i wonda if they`LL lauqh wen im dead «-
why am i fiqhtinq to live . if im juSt livinq to fiqht
why am i tryinq to see wen there aint nothin in
siqht why am ii tryinq to give . wen no1 gives me
a try why am i dyinq to live when im just livin to
die .. [[ * ruNnin . by tupaC & biqGie * ]] .. die



Sad To Think You'll Never Be Mine*×.·*
*·.×*.But It's Sadder To Realize I Knew This The Whole Time.*×.·



How Come You Have Enough Time To Go Out
And Make Other People Fall In Love With You
But You Don't Have Enough Time To Pay Attention
To The One Who Already Does



Frustrated Cause I Can't Tell If It's Real
Mad Cause I Don't Know How You Feel
Upset Cause We Can't Make It Right
Sad Cause I Need You Day And Night
Angry Cause You Won't Take My Hand
Aggrivated Cause You Don't Understand

Dissapointed Cause We Can't Be Together
But Still I'll Love You Forever



I Think I've Already Lost You
I Think Your Already Gone
I Think I'm Finally Scared Now
You Think I'm Weak, I Think Your Wrong



One Day We'll Wave Hello
And Wish We'd Never Waved Goodbye



3 Things In Life Should Never Be Broken
Toys, Promises, And Hearts



It's Not The Things You Do
That Tease And Hurt Me So Bad
But It's The Way You Do
The Things You Do To Me
I'm Not The Kind Of Girl
Who Gives Up Just Like That



So Many Times I've Tried To Be Strong
So Many Times When People Took Me Wrong
If I Could Change The Way You Feel
Deep Down In Your Heart
You And Me Would Never Be Apart



You Should Never Say I Love You If You Never Really Care
Never Speak Of Your Feelings If They Aren't Really There
You Should Never Touch My Life If You Mean To Break My Heart
Never Say Your Going To If You Never Plan To Start
You Should Never Look Me In The Eye If You're Going To Lie
Never Say Hello If You Really Mean Goodbye



No Matter How Happy You Are You'll Always Want More
No Matter How Stupid I Get You'll Always Want More
-New Found Glory



There's Some People You'll Always Love
And There's People You're Supposed To Love
It's A Shame That Sometimes The People You'll Always Love
Aren't The People You're Supposed To Love



The Ones Closest To You
Are The Ones That Hurt You The Most



You Never Know What You Have Until You Lose It
And Once You Lose It, You Can Never Get It Back



º°x·:He Holds Me When I Start To Cry
Makes Me Smile With Just His Eyes
Shares My Hopes, Dreams, And Fears
And Wipes Away All My Tears
I Love Him Without Regret
I Just Haven't Found Him Yet·:·xº°



It's Hard To Answer The Question "What's Wrong?"
When Nothings Right



It's Funny How A Heart Is Two Teardrops Upside-down



It's Like I Can Be Surrounded By A Million People
And Still Feel Alone



Sometimes All You Can Do Is Smile And Go On With Your Day
Hold Your Tears Back, And Pretend Your Okay



Goodbyes Always Hurt
They Make You Think About
What You Had
What You Lost
And What You Took For Granted



Smile And Act Like Nothings Wrong
It's Called Puttin Stuff Aside And Bein Strong



Although You May Not Love Me
Although You May Not Care
If You Should Ever Need Me
You Know I'll Always Be There
Your Heart May Not Be Broken
Your Heart May Not Be Free
But If You Ever Need Someone
You Can Always Count On Me



Like Jagged Edge [Your The Best I Had]
Like Usher [I Still Got It Bad]
Like Kc And Jo Jo Im Going [Crazy Crazy Crazy]
Like Mariah Carey Said [You'll Always Be My Baby]



Don't Fall For Someone Who Won't Be There To Catch You.



If You Want Someone, Tell Them
Hearts Are Often Broken By Words Left Unspoken



Cry Whenever You Feel The Need To
Don't Hold It Back Because It Will Kill You Slowly



God Send Me An [Angel].
From The Heavens Above
Send Me An Angel
To Heal My [.B.r.o.k.e.n .H.e.a.r.t] From Being In [L.o.v.e]
Cause All I Do Is [C.r.y.]
God Send Me An Angel
To Wipe The [T.e.a.r.s.] From My Eyes



It's Funny When Two Strangers Become The Best Of Friends
But Sad When The Best Of Friends Become Two Strangers



This Isn't How I Wanted It To Be
Crushing Someone Who Ain't
[ . CrUsHiNg . Me. ]



Part Of Me Is Fighting This
But Part Of Me Is Already Gone



Sometimes It's Hard To Let Things Go
When You Only Know How To Hang On
Sometimes It's Hard To Look Back
When Everything You Had Is Gone



Broken Hearts Always Hurt
Tears Always Come
But It's The Memories
That Kill You



Have You Ever Felt So Alone Where Nothing Makes Sense
Well That's How I Feel Right NOw
I Feel As If I'm Facing Everything By Myself
With Nothing But Tears And A Fake Smile



It's So Hard Trusting People
Because If They Don't Care Enough To Be Honest With You
Then They're Not Gonna Care In The End When You're Hurt



The Worst Feeling In The World Is Having To Doubt
Something You Thought Was Unquestionable



Tears In My Eyes Tryin To Keep My Head Up
Everyone Swears They Care
But They Really Don't Give A Fuck



Everything Changes Eventually
That's Just The Way Life Is
And You Have No Control Over It
Like Suddenly The People Who You Thought Would Always Be There
..They Disappear..



Oh Can't Nobody Do It Like You
Said Every Little Thing You Do
Hey Baby See It Stays On My Mind
And I, I'm Officially Missin You



Without You
*Everything Falls Apart*
And Without You,
It's Not As Much Fun To Pick Up The Pieces



I Don't Wanna Cry A Tear For You
So Forgive Me If I Do
I'd Give Anything
I'd Give My World
I'd Wait Forever
l | [ *To Be Your Girl* ] | l
-"Born To Make You Happy"



¤*¤I Put My Trust In You
Pushed As Far As I Can Go
And For All This There's Only One Thing You Should Know
I Tried So Hard And Got So Far
But In The End It Doesn't Even Matter
I Had To Fall To Lose It All
But In The End It Doesn't Even Matter¤*¤



I Can't Take It
What Am I Waiting For?
My Heart's Still Breaking
I Miss You Even More
And I Can't Fake It The Way I Could Before



*See My Days Are Cold Without You
But I'm Hurtin While I'm With You
And Though My Heart Can't Take No More
I Keep On Running Back To You
Baby I Don't Know Why You Treatin Me So Bad
You Say You Love Me, Noone Above Me
And I Was All You Had
And Though My Heart Is Beating For You I Can't Stop Crying
I Don't Know How I Allow You To Treat Me This Way And Still I Stay..*



I'm Here Without You Baby
But Your Still On My Lonely Mind
I Think About You Baby
And I Dream About You All The Time
I'm Here Without You Baby
But Your Still With Me In My Dreams
And Tonight It's Only You And Me



So I Can't See Why I Feel So Lonely
When You And Me Could Be Forever
Perfectly Perfect Together
But It Breaks My Heart
To Know I Can't Hold You
It's Just Hard To Think
I'll Never Get The Chance
To Say Your Mine
But Every Time
You Hear This Song
You'll Know You've Made A Mark
On My Heart And My Mind
-The Ataris



Your The One Who Broke My Heart
Your The Reason My World Fell Apart
Its Guys Like You That Make Me Wanna Cry
Yet I Still Love You And I Don't Know Why



"I miss you when I'm sad.
I miss you when I'm lonely.
But most of all, I miss you when I'm happy."



The truth is I gave my heart away a long time ago, all of it,
and I never really got it back.
-Sweet Home Alabama



` · ¸ iM sOrry fOr wHaT i DiD
¸·´ i nEvEr KnEw iT wOuLd HuRt yOu ThIs BaD
`·¸ tHa FuNny tHiNg iS
¸·´ yOu ArE tHa bEsT i EvEr HaD



« Behind my smile is everything you'll n e v e r understand«



liKe bigGie seDd `reaDy tOo die`
likE fRankie j cRied `doNt wanNa tRy`
liKe aShaNti aSken `whUtz loOve?`
be likE tUpac `always keEp uRe heaDd up`



im siNkinG sLoWly, sO huRrY hoLd mE..



When u finally realize you didnt matter to someone,
you wonder if you matter to anyone.



Man it takes a silly girl to lie about the DrEaMs she has
Lord it takes a lonely one to wish she had never DrEaMt at all



I never wanted us to fade out
Resting on a love that fell apart
Where are you, I need
You still have my heart



If you look inside a girls heart, you'd see how much she cries.
You'll find secrets hidden, best friends, and lies.
But what you'll see the most is how hard it is to stay strong
when nothing's right and everything's wrong.



People that laugh a lot, cry a lot.
Cuz it only takes one smile to hide a million tears.



-->Same old story<--
-->Not much to say<--
-->Hearts are broken<--
-->Every day<--



Have you ever been in love so bad
You would do anything to make them understand
Have you ever had someone steal your heart away
You would give anything to make them feel the same...



When u love someone and they dont love u back
it's like reaching for a star,
u know u can never make it but u have to keep trying



Everyone Sees Who I Appear To Be
But Only A Few Know The Real Me
You Only See What I Choose To Show
There's So Much Behind My Smile
*You Just Dont Know*



You -CaN'T- just *KiSs* me and expect it to (nOt) mean anything...
You -CaN'T- just *WaLk* away from me
with (nO) regrets or :.SeCoNd ThOuGhTs.:
...You -CaN'T- just *TrEaT* me
like I'm (nOt) even :.WoRtHy.: of your [sMiLe]..
Yet you -HaVe,- You *dId,* And you (aRe..)



I -KnOw- I've found my *dReAm* guy...
The -OnLy- problem is, I'm [n.o.t] his *dReAm* girl



wHaT iF i sAiD yOu nEvEr MaTTeReD
ThAt i nEvEr lOsT a mOmEnT oF sLeEp
wHaT iF i cRuShEd aLL oF yOuR dReAmZ
bRoKe aLL ThE prOmIsEs i sWoRe 2 kEeP,
tElL mE hOw uR lIfE wOuLd bE
iF i DiD 2 u wHaT u dId 2 mE...?



SoMeTiMes i WoNDeR,
DiD yOu ReaLLY CaRe
oR iF yOu EveN THouGht oF Me WHeN i WaSN't THeRe. SoMeTiMeS i WoNDeR iF
i WaS EveR iN yOuR HeaRt,
oR WaS i BeiNG uSeD FRoM ThE veRy STaRt...?



*nOt AlL sCaRs ShOw*
*nOt alL wOuNdS hEAL*
*sOmEtIMeS yOu CaNt AlwAyS sEe*
*tHe PaIn SoMeOnE fEeLs*



SomeTimez ThE wAy ThaT YoU aCt
MaKez mE wOnDeR wUt i aM To yOu



If You're Looking For Perfection
Don't Look At Me
Because I'll Only Let You Down.



All Her Friends Tell Her She's So Pretty
But She'd Be A Whole Lot Prettier If She'd
Smile Once In Awhile Cause Even Her Smile
Looks Like A Frown And She's Seen Her
Share Of Devils In This Angel Town
Everything Is Gunna Be Alrite, Rockaby



"If you could be anything in the world what would it be?"
-The Perfect Score



You know you have been hurt too many times
when you open your eyes & all you see is tears.



Things are never what they seem.
Im stuck inside of someone else's dream...
Problems never go away.
Im sick of being caught in yesterday.



*:.If you realized how much you hurt me -
then maybe you would've given me a chance.:*



She is perfect in that fucked up way
That all the magazines seem to want to glorify these days
She looks like a teenage anthem
And she looks like she should have been happy in another life..



This is where I say I've had enough
And no one should ever feel the way that I feel now.
A walking open wound,
A trophy display of bruises
And I don't believe that I'm getting any better.



You don't realize how strong a person is
Until u see them at their weakest moment.



I don't want to fall back in luv wit u cuz it alwayz makes me cry.
Every time I think of u I only think of lies.
I guess u neva even cared cuz u neva even tried.
But my heart is still luvin u even tho ur luv for me has died.



he turned around and looked right at me
but said nothing, not even "hi"
it was as if the months we spent together
the time I spent loving him just wasn't important
as if they never even happened



everyone says trust your heart
but my heart has lead me to the wrong place
so many times before
I don't know what to trust anymore



You say you can't stand to see me hurt so when you hurt me,
what do you do? Close your eyes?



I can't believe I just gave up
- I just let you drop out of my life.
I tried to make you stay, then one day it just got too hard
and I saw that what you really wanted was a life without me.
So I gave up - and now you're really gone.
I wish I could make you come back -
but tears, wishes, and reminicing do nothing
but make my heart break a little more.



Sometimes...just when I think things between us
may be getting better..a little more simple...
you have to turn around and do this
break my heart in another place.



The worst way to love someone is to sit next to them,
knowing they don't love you back



The worst thing a guy can do
is make a girl fall for him with no intention of catching her.



Sometimes you don't realize how much you care for someone,
until they stop caring for you.



Just when you thought you'd lost everything,
you find out you can lose a little more.



I wish he would at least care that I'm mad or upset or crying over him
and that I love him more than anything
but he just barely glances up as my heart breaks.



Don't lead me on, and leave me confused,
any girl would rather be alone then have her heart abused.



You watch her walk down the hall
Big smile, laughing, seems so happy
You would never guess she goes home everynight
And cries herself to sleep



Sometimes I feel like I never quite fit in
Like I'm always a little out of place
It's hard to be everything to everyone
There's so many roles I have to play
Sometimes I'm just barely hanging on
Seems like I'm always fighting



*iT HuRtS tO LoOk iNto YoUr EyEs
AnD SeE hEr ReFeLcTiOn aNd NoT MiNe*



I'm missing ur laugh, how did it break?
And when did ur eyes begin to look fake?
I hope ur as happy as ur pretending



Heartbreaks n broken promises
I've had more than my share
I'm tired of giving my love
And getting nowhere



there are only a few things that make me happy..
and they just walked out of my life.



in the end . peter pan
pulled off tiNker bell's
wings so she coulD
n e v e r l e a v e
sometimes love is just
another way to bleed



<>aM i ThE oNlY oNe ThAt FeElS aLoNe ThOuGh,
AlL iS hOmE eMoTiOnS fLoW.
aM i ThE oNlY oNe ThAt HeArS tHe TeArS rUn DoWn My FaCe.
WoUlD aNyOnE rEcOnIzE aT aLl?
CaUsE i KnOw, I'm So SlOw,
BuT i'M tRyInG, bUt I'm StIlL dYiNg To KnOw<>



Another rainy day
Sunlight in your eyes
I sleep the day away
Without you by my side
I wanna save the world
I wanna save myself
But I'm covered over gray
Another rainy day



"I can't live if living is without you.
I can't live, I can't give anymore."



I've come to the point
Where nothing matters anymore
And things I used to care about
Ain't worth fighting for



"Sometimes I gotta smile
When I don't feel like smiling
Sit back and ride
When I feel like driving"



I Dont Regret The Things I DiD,
I Regret ThE ThInGs I Didnt do
When i had The cHaNcE



It's like your standing in the middle of a crowded room
Screaming at the top of your lungs
And noone looks up..



I would give up all my tomorrows
For just one yesterday.



Sometimes the one love you can't get over,
is the one love you really never had.*



*I wonder, when you look into my eyes and watch my heart shatter,
does it break your heart too, even crack it a little bit?*



"There are some people you just love to hate,
and others you hate to love"



*.¸¸.·´¨`»Wherever you go, whatever you do,
I will be right here waiting for you,
whatever it takes or how my heart breaks,
I will be right here waiting for you«´¨`¸¸.*



"Your so afraid to continue what we have,
you know somethings there,
you feel just as much as I do when you touch me,
you like it as just much as I do when you kiss me,
it's just your pulling away now because you know
that if you don't pull away soon you might find yourself falling in love
and I dont' think your prepared for that."
-Allison Mosher



Perhaps we all give the best of us our hearts, unconditionally,
to those who hardly even think about us in return



You walk in and ask me *What's wrong*
I say *nothing* as you walk away another tear sheds
..as I whisper *Everything*



SoMeTimes i wish i would have .nEvEr. Met {you}
ThEn I wOuLdNt KnOw WhAt i was {MiSSinG}



iM hOlDiNg OnTo A *..dream..*
tHaT wIlL nEvEr CoMe *..TrUe..*
AnD I KnoW ThaT FoR a *..FaCt..*
BecUz My dream Is To Be WiTh *..YoU..*



Everytime i try to fly...
.·:* I fall without my wings...
*:·.I feel soOo ((s m a l l))...
I guess i [ need ] yOu baby.
Everytime i see yOu in my <3
*:·.dreams - I see yOur face
.·:* It's x h a u n t i n g x me.*..
*:·.I guess i [ need ] yOu baby..
I make believe yOu are here...
It's the only way, i see ((c l e a r))
*:·. at night i pray - that soon yOur
.·:* face will ¤ f a d e * a w a y ¤. . .
*:·.I guess i [ need] yOu baby .:*



you can be told that your gorgeus everyday
nd pe0ple can say y0ur beautiful in every way
but y0u d0n't believe it--n0t for 0ne minute
cause the boy wh0's opini0n means the most...
[...w0n't admit it...]



I ((love)) walking in the ((rain))....
cause then ((noone)) knows im ((crying))...



NoThInG sEeMs To Go My WaY
I aSkEd FoR s U n S h I n E
BuT i GoT a C l O u D y DaY
It SeEmS lIkE i'M aLwAyS s A d
AnD i DoNt KnOw WhAt To Do
AlL i ReAlLy EvEr WaNtEd WaS y O u



LifE waS betteR weN haviNg fRienDs was nEw
..dreamS weRe unShatteRed nD wOrrieS weRe veRy FeW,
weN reCeSs waS way tOo sHort Nd Life waS tOo loNg,
wEn deCisionS CamE eaSiLy wiThouT a nEed tO BeLonG
weN iT waS ThE StOrkS ThaT DeLiveReD BaBies
nD paSsionS weRen`T sO *sTronG*.
fRieNdsHipS weRe unBroKen
nD rigHt was riGht, nD wr0ng waS wroNg..
wEn Bad thingS juSt DidN`t happEn
Nd onLy skiNnEd knEes brougHt teaRs
weN thE Nite Lite quieTed all ouR fEars,
weN gOodbyeZ mEant juSt f0r thE summEr
nD reaL friEnds didnt part,
thE fun wEnt 0n 4evEr
nD ppl nEver mEssEd witH yeR Heart «/3



(`'·.¸(`'· .¸*¤*¸.·'´)¸.·'´)
iM SiCk Of cRyiN TiReD oF u LiEiN
u BrOkE mY HeArT AnD NoW wE'Re
A|p|A|r|t aNd iM HuRtIn W/o U
i JuST DoNt KnOw WhAt To Do CuZ
¸.•´ .•´¨¨))i ThInK iM StiLL iN LoVe
((¸¸.•´ ..•´ h e a r t
B rO k 3 N
..*.. •• ..° * </3 ..*.. •• ..° *



ThE ReAlLy SaD ThInG AbOuT LoVe iS
OnCe ThEy BrEaK Ur HeArT, AfTeR ThEy LiEd
AfTeR HoW MaNy TiMeS u CrIeD
NoW ThAt Ur ApArT,
U NoTiCeD ThAt U BeLiEvEd ThEm EvErYtImE
ThAt ThEy SaId ThAt ThEy LoVe YoU...
No MaTtEr HoW mUcH TeArS U WaStEd AwAy On
ThEm... U ReAlLy NoTiCe ThAt U StiLl LoVe ThEm
--AnD Ull Do AnYtHiNG To HaVe ThEm BaCk*
* . . . </3 . . . *



neVer saY yOu prOmiiSze iiF iitSz juSs
guNnaH qEt lOszt .. neVer saY yOu
sWeaR iiF yOu gOt yOu fiinGerSz
.[ - * ` - c R o S s e D - * ` - ].



i dOn`t think yOu understand hOw hard it
is tO talk tO yOu when we`re jus friendz
i wanna tell yOu hOw much yOu mean ta
me..nd hOw much i really dO lOve yOu
I jUsT. nEvEr. CaN



iim a str0ng girL' wh0 keeps mii shyt iin
line'even w/ tears streamiinq d0wn mii
face' ii styll manage t0 say [( ii'm * fiine )]



thats r0ck b0tt0m wEn y0u feel lyk y0u'v
hadD it up t0o here cuz y0ur maD enuff
t0o scrEam but y0ur sadD enuff to tear<3



Do u ever just qeT thaT fEeLiNg wheRe'
you dOnT wanT 2 taLk tO nebody
u dOnT wanT tO =[ smiLe ]=
anD u dOnT` waNa fake beinG haPpy-
buT aT the [saMe TiMe] u dUnnO
exaCtLy whaT is - wrOnG - eiTheR?



-YoU LoVe Me-
*I LoVe YoU*



- wHeN i GoTtA sMiLe 0n My FaCe. ;; AnD a
sPaRkLe iN mYy EyE.. tHaTs wHeN y0u Kn0w
- iM gUnNa.. * ..bReAk d0wN aNd cRy...



iVe hEaRd Da sPeEcH a MiLLioN TiMeZ b4..
.."u cAn dO bEtTa...u dEsErVe mOrE"..
..i gEt mYsELf SicK oVa iT cUz i kNo iTz tRu..
..bUt i dUn wAnT bEtTa..
...i jUs wAnT YOU...



What do you do when
Smiles go away
When. . .
Everything changes in just one day
What do you do when
Love falls through
When the one you love. . .
Doesn't love you..



whaT if i saiid yOu[( never )]MaTteReD
thaT i never loSt a mOmenT oF sLeeP
wHaT iF i cRuSheD aLL yOuR dReams «
anD broKe aLL tHe pRomiSeS yOu sworE
to keep . . . teLL me How yOur life wouLd be..iF i dyD tO *you* wHaT you diD to me?..



--» eyes red from crying
& theres nothing anyone
can say To make it aLL
[ b e t t e r ] </3 «--



Its Funny how life can get so '--» switched
and mess you up so much that you don`t have
any` idea w h o y o u are anymore



Im tired of PrEtEnDiN everythings ok
My TeArS are startin 2 show and my
sMiLeS fading away



i wish i could | tell | you just how i feel
But i feel That would Just Do | harm |
Please I Know You Dont Care | at all |
But I Love You With All My
         * ×((¨`v´¨))×* Heart
..×*.·`v´ ·.*×



yOu cAnT see i`m HurTing
yoU don`t nOticE the pain
iT feeLs liKe EverYone eLse
is SiTtinG iN tHe SunShiNe
wHiLe i`m {d r o w n i n g}
' - - - » in the rain « - - - '



I tried to make him see that i could be his everything
that bein with only one girl had so much more meaning
i wanted to change his playa ways and teach him about love
why have portions of a few, when he could have it all with one
i liked him so much i just wanted to be togetha
A playa dont change jus like that, a playas a playa foreva



You could be everything he needs
worship his words when he speaks
comfort him when all his world is hell
listen to his secrets and never tell
be there by his side, when no one else is there
hold him all through the night and show him how much u care
You could love him more than anyone ever will
But it doesnt mean hes gonna love you back
u cant make him feel something his heart dont wanna feel
You jus cant make him love you like that



f0rce a smile `nd blink a w a y the tears
ii`m supposed to be strong nd` have no fears
but riight now it`s really hard t0 be s t r o n g
if ii`m sucha s t r o n g pers0n then why am i
<33 b r e a k i n g d o w n <33



[x]..:::if dreams weren't dreams, and dreams come true,
i wouldnt be here, i'd be with you.
distance is the one thing that keeps us apart,
but you will always be the only one
able to mend my </3broken heart</3:::.. [x]



feaR of rejeCtion kept my love insiDe
toLd myself ii didnt like you *but ii lied
- - » ii dont care if you thiNk im crazy
iT doeSn`t matter if it tuRns out badD
i don`t have any fear of losiNg you ..
you cant loSe × wHat you dont have



You’re hiding something, ‘cause it’s burning through your eyes
I try to get it out, but all I hear from you are lies



WheN I lOok InTo Your EY3ys
ThereS nOthInG TheRe To Se3
NoThINg but My Own *mIstAkes*
StarInG bAcK aT me.+*



is 14 letTers but tHen agAin so is...



I would rather die now knowing that you once loved me,
than to live forever wondering if you ever cared at all...



l o v e . i s . j u s t . a n o t h e r
woRd for paiN «| . . . . . .
itZ a broKen recOrd RepeaTing
- -- - -- - -- The same thing
When you want iT, it*s not theRe.
when yOu have it, you don't care



i aLwayz think 0f u..
i d0n`t mean t0 - in fact i 0ften tri not t0
but everytime i cl0se mi eyez - your there
. and i can`t qet you out .
all i can think 0f is |[ that m0ment ]|
that 0 n e ' s p e c i a L m0ment
..when y0o were..



i WaNnA dO eXaCtLy WhAt yOu DiD tO mE
LeAd u On
MaKe u FaLL fOr mE
ThEn jUsT LeT gO



×º× u CaNt "jUsT bE FrIeNdS" wItH sOmE1 yOuR iN LoVe wItH...ItS JuSt NoT ThAt EaSy..׺×



iM hIdInG tHiNgz iM LoNgInG tO sAy
ScArEd tO cOnFeSs whAt iM fEeLiNg
aNd AfRaId YoU’LL sLiP aWaY...*



*.LiKiNg hIm iS hArD tO foRgEt.*
*.LoVinG hIm i’LL nEvEr rEgReT.*
*.LoSinG hiM bRoKe mY hEaRt.*
*.SaD tO sAy mY wOrLD fELL aPaRt.*
*.I guEsS iT’s tImE tO hOLd mY HeaD uP hIGh.*
*.BLiNk bAcK tHe tEaRs, AnD sAy gOoDbYe.*



YoU mEaN sO mUcH tO mE
i JuS wIsH i CoULD tELL yOu nOw
BuT i WoULD nEvEr bE aBLe tO fInD tHe WoRdS
WiThOuT [ b R e A k I n G . d O w N ]



it`z a.m.a.z.i.n.g. how someone can
|b|r|e|a|k| your x3 heart x3 but * y 0 u *
Can -k-e-e-p- .::*loving*::. them with
,e, ,v, ,e, ,r, ,y, B r o K e N B*i*T



the radio plays a love song
i smash my fist right through
the dial - - - - -» heres to the
broken hearted;a generation
// born in denial \\



it's hard to wait around for something
'that u know won*t e v e r happen
but it's h a r d e r to stop when you'
know its "evrythinq" u always wanted </3



tHe DaY i MeT >>yOu<<
mY LiFe hAD [cHaNGeD]
iN mY EyEs yOu HaD
tHaT [sPeCiAL] pLaCE
BuT YoUrE MaDe oF LIeS
YoU MeSsEd wItH mY [MiNd]
..aNd sORrY tO SaY..
-yOu [wAsTeD] mY TiMe-



weN i see ur faCe i sTiLL get butteRfLiez
ppl talk abOut u it bRinqz teaRz 2 my i'z
when u touch me my St0mACh it aLwaYz
TurNz. I GuEss i HaVe 2 puT Up WiTh
eveRy1 sayiNq "thaT gUrL neVa leaRnz"



i WiLL HiDe My *bRoKeN*
x3HeaRTx3 BeNeaTH a LaUgHiNg FaCe
aNd tHoUgH YoU'LL tHiNk i NeVeR ---||CaReD||---
No oNe eLSe CaN TaKe uR pLaCe ....



it .S u C k S. hOw --gOoD ThInGs-- CoMe tO aN EnD
BuT ThE --BaD ThInGs-- T eNd tO LaSt .F o R e V e R.



tHeReS . nO . pOiNt . iN . tRyiN . tO . tALk .. tO . yOu
iVe . tRiEd . tO . hAvE . a . cOnvO . wiT . yOu .
. bUt . aLL . tHaT . cOmEs . oUt .
iS . tHa .eMpTy . fEELiN . iN . mY . sToMaCh .
n . mAkEs . mE . rEaLiZe
. tHa . yOu . wiLL . neVeR . fEEL .
tHe . sAmE . wAy . aBoUt . mE .
aS . i . dO . aBoUt . yOu .



I'vE jUst gOt tO lEArn...
why cArE AbOUt pEOplE
whEn nO OnE cArEs AbOUt ---»yOU?



*·.×*It'sThere's Only One Cure For A Broken Heart
.*The One Who Broke It*.



I miss you. Not enough to want you back, just enough for it to hurt.



I never knew what I had until the first day it wasn't there.



And I dont understand by the way you look at me, why we can't be together.



Strange how laughter looks like crying with no sound and how raindrops look like tears without pain.



There are so many things I'm not sure of in life, but with all certainty at this very minute
All I know is that I miss him.



What can I say, we have so many memories so many things to look back on.
I learned so much from you..
I loved the way you made me laugh, I hated the way you made me cry
But what I hated most was when we said good-bye.



You hurt me so bad, but maybe it's my fault, because i stuck around too long.



I still love him with every bit of my heart, I just dont let it get to me anymore.



Oh, I miss you so much
I long for your love
It's scares me
Cuz my heart gets so weak
That I can't even breathe
How can you take things so easily
Baby why aren't you missing me?



Its like taking me to the top of the tallest mountain, showing me the world and saying
"And thats what you CAN'T have"



Cry as I may, these tears won't wash you away.
-Dave Matthews Band



And the stars just sit there and glimmer like they don't notice how we're dying inside
And the rain still pours and mocks us in our death
And the world goes on when all the hearts are broken.



I realized h0w much I l0ved him last night
while I was lying in bed thinking..
*he didn't l0ve me*



People ask me why I keep on loving you
when it’s clear that you don’t feel the
same way for me. The problem with me is
that as much as I can’t force you to love
me, I can’t force myself to stop loving you



i DoNt WaNnA fIgHt
DoNt EveN wAnnA bReAtHe
aLL i NeEd rIgHt nOw
iS yOU StAnDiN nExT tO mE



A TeAr for the day we *MeT*
A TeAr for each day you said you lovEd* me
A TeAr for all the *MoMeNts* i held you in my arms
A TeAr for every *KiSs*
A TeAr for all the times i *MiSs*
A TeAr for all that you *WeRe* to me
A TeAr for what our *FuTuRe* was meant to be
A TeAr for the moment you said GoOdByE*
A TeAr for everything that was so *TrUe*
aLL BeCaUsE i'M StiLL iN LoVe WiTh YoU



i think about you all the time,
if I'd have known missing you would hurt this bad,
I never would of started *LoViNg YoU*



i DoNt EvEn CaRe No MoRe
"wHaTeVeR HaPpEnS....
--H a P p E n S--
.. i CaNt LeT YoU GeT tO mE..
ChEaTiN-LiEz-OthA gUyZ
nAh-dA OnLy tHiNg i*M GuiLtY Of iS
¡¤¡¿¡¤LOviN yOu¡¤¡¿¡¤



Have y0u ever f0und s0me0ne
Y0u d r e a m t 0f aLl your life
Y0u`d d0o just ab0ut aNything
t0o l0ok in t0o their E y E Sz.. *
have u finaLly f0und the O n e
y0uve given y0ur H e a r t t0o
0 n l y t0o f ii n D that 0 n e
w0nt give their Heart t0 y0u
ii don't waNna be sad anymore
But ii love you tOo much . . and
this Hurts s0o bad . . i love you



Sometimes the person you really need..
..is the one you didnt think you wanted



take me far away from here .
hOw can u juSt Walk aWay ?
every step that i take is another
[m i s t a k e] to your heart .. «3



im gonna smile like nothings wrong
talk like everythings perfect
pretend its just a dream
and act like he isn't worth it



Every now and then, my eyes start to water, my heart feels the
hurt and my mind starts to wonder. As I'm filled with memories,
I realize that I do and still am so in love with you.



I thought I could do betta
Then cryin all nite thru
But in the end I find myself
..StiLL lOviNg yOu..<3



it `s all i ever hear. " be a good girl just
behave. what '`s wrong with you. settle
down. keep your 'two feet on the ground
sit up straight stand up 'tall never falter
never fall. stay in school make 'the grade
never 'fail never fade be a hero be a star
be everything 'l|[ but what you are ]|l' "



I used to spend everyday thinking about you. When you walked by, I lost myself.
Do you know what that's like?! To love someone so much but not have them love you back?
You miss the way I looked at you? Well I don't miss the way you didn't look at me.
-- ((DaWsOnS CrEEk))



some had a lifetime some had just a day
love ain't something that you measure that way
nothing's forever cuz forever's a lie
and all we had between us was
- - » hello .&. goodbye « - -



We attatch ourselves too closely to people sometimes and when they're gone a part of us is gone too



Are you running away from something you don't want?
Or running away from something you're afraid to want?



*by the time you realize what you`re losing*
-- i`ll be |[g.o.n.e]|



why is it no matter how much pain the heart endures by holding on - it still refuses to let go



its the same old story everybody knows
one hearts holding on while the others
[»¦«] letting go [»¦«]



sometimes no matter how long
or hard you've loved someone
they'll never love you back ...
And no matter how much it hurts
you have to be okay with that



i KnO jUsT hOW tO wHiSpEr
i KnOw jUsT hOW tO cRy
i KnO wHeRe tO fInD tHe AnSwErS
aNd i KnO jUs HoW tO LiE
i KnOw jUs hOw tO fAkE iT
i KnOw jUs hOw tO sChEmE
i KnO jUsT wHeN tO fAcE tHe tRuTh
AnD wHeN tO sTiCk tO dReAmS



*..Sometimes I wonder. I wonder that perhaps we really weren't meant to be.
Perhaps you were here to teach me a lesson.
Even though my heart says it loves you more than anything in all eternity,
Something tells me that all this pain, all these fears, and all the emotions you ever caused
It's here to teach me a valuable lesson.
So when I really do meet the person I love in all eternity,
I won't make the same mistake I did with you..*

[[*Moving On*]]


Never Give Up If You Still Wanna Try
Never Wipe Your Tears If You Still Wanna Cry
Never Settle For The Answer If You Still Wanna Know
Never Say You Don't Like Him If You Can't Let Him Go



Never Keep Someone As A Priority
When They Only Keep You As An Option



I Was His Star For Many Nights
Now You're The Girl In His Life
Lights, Camera, Now You're On
He May Be Yours For Now
But Not For Long
Enjoy It Now, It Won't Last
Same Script-Different Cast



Sometimes You Gotta Hold On With Everything You Got
And Sometimes You Just Have To Let Go



If We Weren't So Afraid To Let Go
We Wouldn't Feel So Free When We Finally Did



Time Heals All Wounds They Say, And I Should Know
Cause It Seems Like Forever, But I'm Letting You Go



I Have Learned That People Change
And It Doesn't Mean Your Forget The Past Or Try To Cover It Up
It Simply Means That You Move On And Treasure The Memories
Letting Go Doesn't Mean Giving Up
It Means Accepting That Some Things Weren't Meant To Be



The Hardest Part About Love Is Saying Goodbye
But Sometimes, It's The Best Thing



Wanting Him Is Hard To Get
Loving Him Is Hard To Regret
Losing Him Is Hard To Accept
But With All The Hurt I've Felt
Letting Go Is The Most Painful Yet



Care For The People That Care About You
Remember The People That Used To Care About You
And Forget Those Who Never Really Did



Love Can Tear You Apart
But If Your Lucky, You Can Put Yourself Back Together



"How Empty Of Me, To Be So Full Of Him"
-Janet Jackson



Don't Ever Lose Yourself In Someone
Because When You Lose That Person
Your Gonna Be Lost
When You Need Yourself The Most



.$.No MaTtEr HoW LoNg I wAiT FoR yOu.$.
(My WiShEs-n- dReAmS WiLL nEvEr CoMe TrUe)
*So ThE OnLy tHiNg LeFt ThAt i CaN dO*
...iS HoLd My TeArS aNd FoRgEt AbOuT yOu..



The One Thing You *A l w a y s* Want
Is The One Thing You'll *N e v e r* Get
[[You Proved It To Me]]



There Was A Time
When I'd Do Anything To
*Get You*
Now I'll Do Anything To
*Forget You*



You Can't Find The Right Person
If Your Still Holding On To The Wrong One



There Are Things You Don't Want To Happen
But You Have To Accept
There Are Things You Don't Want To KNow
But You Have To Learn
And There Are People You Can't Live Without
But You Have To Let Go



After Awhile You Learn The Difference
Between Holding A Hand And Falling In Love
You Begin To Learn That Kisses Don't Always Mean Something
Promises Can Be Broken Just As Quickly As They Were Made
And Sometimes Goodbyes Really Are Forever



Stressin Over A Guy Is No Longer My Style
I Want A Real Man Who's Gonna Go Out Of His Way
To Make Me Smile



Sometimes I Wish I Could Be Like You
Being Able To Get So Close To People
Who You Really Have No Intention Of Being Close To
Letting People Get So Close To You
Only To Push Them Away
But Then I Remember I Could Never Be Like You
I Have A Heart



Goodbye To You
Goodbye To Everything That I Knew
You Were The One I Loved
The One Thing That I Tried To Hold Onto



I Could Wish Upon
-A Lucky Penny-
-A Falling Star-
-Or A Four Leaf Clover-
But I Gotta Get It Through My Head
That It's Really Over



((¯`·._)) It*s aMaZinG
((_.·´¯)) ThAt WhEn YoU FinAlLy
((¯`·._)) LeT gO of SomEonE YoU*vE
((_.·´¯)) BeEn HolDinG oNto FeR so LonG
((¯`·._)) YoU fEEl sO muCh beTTer
((_.·´¯)) AboUt YeRselF*



You Know It's Over When You Walk Away Without Saying Goodbye
Go A Day Without Looking Into His Eyes
Take A Walk Past Him Without Looking Back
And Your Heart Doesn't Take A Beat Off Track



When Your Heart Has Been Broken So Many Times
The Only Way To Ever Love Anyone Again Is To:
Forget Everything, Let It Go, Love Like You've Never Loved Before
And Forget That You've Ever Been Hurt



I Guess It's Times Like These
That Make People Hold Fast To Their Memories
For They Seem To Be The Only Things
That Don't End Up Changing



I Never Knew It Would Hurt So Much
To Lose Someone I Never Had In The First Place



When I See Your Smile
And I Know It's Not For Me
That's When I'll Miss You



Every Little Thing Reminds Me Of You
And What We Could Have Had



Change Is Hard
You Fight To Hold On
Yet You Fight To Let Go



-x- sOmEdAy -x-
SoMeOnEs GoiNg tO tHaNk YoU
fOr LeTtiN mE gO



Even Though I've Stopped Liking You
Everytime Someone Mentions Your Name
My Head Turns Right Toward Them
It's Like Everytime I Hear It
I Think Of All We Could Have Had
And All That Could Have Happened
. . That Didn't . .



Some of us think holding on makes us strong,
but sometimes it is letting go.



»I don't need you anymore,
I don't want to be ignored,
I don't need one more day of you wasting my time



.:*:. How Do You Let The Love .:*:.
.:*:. Of Your Life Walk Away? .:*:.



No matter how much you say you hate him
and wish he would go away,
you know if he ever did,
your world would be forever turned upside down.



EvEr WoNdEr WhY i TuRn AwAy WhEn U LoOk @ mE?
iTs KuZ i NeVeR wAnT uR eYeS 2 sEe WhAt U dO 2 mE.
bUt U cAnT sEeM 2 sEe ThE tHiNgS i SeE.
i KnO hOw PeRfEcT mE & u cOuLd Be...



Giving up doesn't mean i'm weak,
it means i'm strong enough to let go...



"Farewell to all the days you were, within my reach,
And as of right now everything is making perfect sense."



*tHeRe aRe 3 tyPes of peOpLe u wiLL meEt iN u'R LiFe:
*tHe 1 u sHOuLd haVe neVeR mEt...
*tHe 1 u wiLL neVeR foRget...
*tHe 1 u sHOuLd haVe neVeR Let gO...



wHeN u StArT tO
MiSs mE...
ReMeMbEr uR tHE oNe wHo
LeT mE gO...



yOu GoTtA tAkE thA gOoD wIt ThA bAd ..
sMiLe WiT dA sAd....
LoVe WuT yOu GoT anD aLwAyS mEmBa WuT yOu hAd



"Thanks for waiting this long to show yourself,
Because now that I can see you,
I don't think you're worth a second glance."



Sometimes u have to hold ur head up high.
Blink away ur tears and learn to say goodbye.



*...even though i might say i don't still love him...
i know deep down that i do...and i always will...*



Just so you know
i just plain [. s t o p p e d .] trying
Just so you know...
i made up my mind and im
-> l e a v i n g y o u <-



*I can`t keep being your *second* choice.. not when you`re my *first*



It's weird..
You know the end of something great is coming,
But you want to hold on..
Even for one more second...
Even if it means hurting more.



.:ThErE WiLL aLwAyZ Be OnE
ThaT No MaTTeR WuT He DoEs To YoU.
.[o R . h O w . B a D . H e . h U r T z . u].
.YoU CaN [ N E V E R ] LeT HiM gO.






×TeLl HiM I dOnT EvEr WanT tO sEe HiM AgAiN×
×tElL HiM hE MeAnT sHyT tO Me×
×TeLl hIm I NeVeR eVeN lOvEd HiM×
×tElL HiM I wOnT miSs HiM aT aLl×
×BuT mOsT oF AlL dOnT tElL HiM×
×I sAiD tHiS wItH TeArS iN mY eYeS×



No i*m nOt goNNa lEt iT gEt mE doWn...
i*m nOt goNNa cRy.
And i*m nOt goNNa loSe aNy sLeEp toNitE
BcuZ toMoRRow iS aNotHeR dAy
aNd i*m nOt aFriAd...
So bRiNg oN tHe rAiN



Do YoU eXpEcT mE tO sIt aT hOmE
WaItIn LoNLeY bY tHE pHoNe
FoR uR cALL aFtEr u BeEN OuT aLL NiGHT
..2 WoRdZ fOR u Boy..
*YeAh* . *RiGhT*



U CrY PrEteNdiNg YoUr LiFe iS So BaD
YeT U PlaY EvRy GrL N iTz KiNda SaD
So WheN aLL ThE GrLz BuSt YoUr GaMe
N FiGuRe OuT ThaT U R FuckEn LaMe
DoNt CuM RuNNinG BacK aGaiN CrYin
He TooK Ur PlaCe n FiLLeD uR ShoEs
JuS AdMiT iT *u FuCkeD uP Boo*



"Every step I take
Leads to one mistake
I keep going right back
To the one thing that I need
To walk away from. . ."



-Don't waste your time on one person who doesn't care,
because you'll be missing out on all the people who really do-



I wish I had the guts to walk away and forget about what we had
But I can't because I know you won't come after me
And I guess that's what hurts the most



A sad thing in life is when you meet someone who means a lot to you,
only to find out that in the end it was never meant to be
and you just have to let go



Getting over you was the hardest thing I've ever had to do,
and I don't think I could ever do it again



I never wanted to have to say good bye
But you make me have no choice



-I dont miss you,
I miss who you used to be..



...You can try your hardest...
...You can do everything -n- say everything...
...But sometimes people just arent worth it...
...They just arent worth worryin bout anymore...



Some people will leave impressions in your heart...
thats what makes them so hard to let go.



*Maybe some people just arent meant to stay in our lives forever.
Maybe some people are just passing through.
Its like some people just come through our lives to bring us something
a lesson we need to learn, and thats why they're there*



When u feel like givin up on someone,
just remember why u held on for so long



"If I could I would do all of this again
Travel back in time with you to where this all began
We could hide inside ourselves and leave the world behind
And make believe there's something left to find

We'll be miles apart
I'll keep you deep inside
You're always in my heart
A new life to start
I may be leaving but you're always in my heart"



Sometimes The Best Thing To Do
...Is The Hardest Thing To Do...



"never give up on something
you can't go one day without thinking about..."



You Give up So much For someone ,
then in the end you`re left with Nothing



Even if we never talk again,
please know that I am forever changed because of who you are
and what you meant to me.



I just want you to know that I don't regret a single moment
that I spent on you.



Have you ever hated somebody so much
that you wish they would just leave and never come back...
but yet loved them so much,
you knew you'd die if they did?



I would rather leave now still loving you
than wait and leave hating you.



Missing someone gets easier every day
because even though you are farther away
from the last time you saw them,
you are closer to the next time you will.



it's amazing
after all we've been through
the good times and the bad
how we can walk past each other
and pretend like it never happened
give each other an awkward smile
and move on.



You never know what you're really losing
until you're standing in a room with that person,
not being able to call them yours.



Sometimes you think you've gotten over a person,
but when you see him smile suddenly you realize
that you're just pretending you're over him to ease the pain
of knowing that he will never be yours again.



I can't talk to you anymore, it's not that I am mad at you,
it's just that when I talk to you I realize how much I love you
and when I realize how much I love you, I realize I can't have you
and that makes me love you even more.



Somehow, the conversation mentioned your name.
And someone asked if I knew you.
Looking away I thought of all the times we had together,
sharing laughter, tears, jokes, and tons more.
Then, without an explanation you were gone.
I looked to where they were waiting for an answer,
and then softly "Once... I thought I did."



I was the one who said things changed,
but you were the one who showed me
exactly how much they really did.



Don’t call me, don’t write, don’t show up in the middle of the night
you know that we needed some time & space to breathe in.
So I now I say the things I want to say:
sometimes it's better letting go this way,
I'll always know down in my soul we really had so far to go.
I’ve given all I’ve had to give and now it's time for me to leave.
And I won’t look back and I won’t regret;
though it hurts like hell.
Someday I will forget you.



Everyone says to give up on you,
but they don't see you like I do.
You're the one who broke my heart,
you're the reason my world fell apart.
You're the one who made me cry,
yet I still love you and I don't know why.



The hardest part about moving on is learning not to look back.



I thought I was gonna forget you, but I was wrong.
I thought I was getting over you, but its been a lie for oh so long.
I thought I'd be able to hate you, but its something I just can't do.
No matter where I go or what I do, I'm still in love with you.



Moving on is simple.
It's what you leave behind that's so hard.



It hurts when something good ends,
but it'll hurt even more if you cling to it knowing that its no longer there.



Getting over you made me realize how much I miss you.



If you see me walking with someone else..
it's not because I love him..
It's because you're not brave enough to walk beside me.
If I fall in love with someone else..
It's not because I wanted to..
It's because you were never there for me
If i could take back anything
It would have to be that one
Moment that i fell for you...
Because i knew you wouldn't
Be there to catch me..
Its hard cause I have to smile when I really cant hold back my tears...
because as far as I can see, you're doing fine without me..



In your life you meet many people.
Some you never think about again.
Some you wonder what happened to them.
There are some that you wonder if they ever think about you,
and then there are some you wish you never had to think about again...
but you do.



If you asked me how im doing,
I would say just fine
but the truth is baby
if you could read my mind..
not a day goes by..
that i dont think of you.



-You only end up lost in loneliness.
Wake up with the words already on your lips
And I'm already gone...-



I just dont know why I still care
But everyday your there
Moving on is a hard thing to do
But Ive made up my mind
I'll do it for you



I'm trying really hard not to cry over you
because every tear is just another reminder
of how I don't know how to let you go.



Whats done is done and in the past
good things come and go so fast
You looked up at me and said goodbye
All i could do was wonder why



--»i wanna do .e.x.a.c.t.l.y. wut u did to me
>lead< u on)) make u fall [for] me(( n then jus
l[ l e t u g o ]l



- : :when i think of all the time: :-
|->Wasted]. * . tryinq tO make thinqz wOrk wit us . * .
*cant even believe hOw stupid*/
...i was but itz Ok nOw cuz...
[i mOved On]
:: and i d0n`t wanna l00k back .-'`



ii don*t understand why?
See it*s burning me to (hold) onto this
ii know this is something ii gotta ~do~
But that don*t mean ii [want] to
What I*m trying to say is that I*love*you ii just
I feel like this is coming to an |end|



-i wanted everything to stay the same
-but feelings fade and people change-
-i'm living every moment like its my last-
-won't let my future be based on my past-



"Because there has always been heartache and pain
And when it's over you'll breathe again.."



"Baby why you hurt me
Leave me and desert me
Boy I gave you all my heart
And all you do is tear it up
Looking out my window
Knowing that I should go
Even when I pack my bags
Theres something always holdin me back.."



It's gonna burn for me to say this
But it's comin from my heart
It's been a long time coming
But we done been fell apart
Really wanna work this out
But I don't think you're gonna change
I do but you don't
Think it's best we go our separate ways
Tell me why I should stay in this relationship
When I'm hurting baby,
I ain't happy baby
I'm twisted cuz one side of me
Is tellin me that I need to move on
On the other side,
I wanna break down and cry
Gotta let it burn..



.:.i wiSh i saved all the teaRz i cried 0ver y0u.:.
.:.sO i cOuLd fuCkin drOwn y0u in 'em.:.



"Watching you walk out of my life does not make me bitter about love.
But rather makes me realize that if I wanted so much to be with the wrong person
how beautiful it will be when the right one comes along."



"Its important to know when to let go of someone who only brings you down"



I Wanna Kno Why i pLayEd Ur GaMe
Of all ThA ThInGs I Do
I CouLd ReFuSe to SaY iTS tRuE
BUt HonesTly HoW CaN I lie
It's HaRd To SAy I DiDnt LuV U



SuMTiMez ii WoNdEr iif ThIs Life ii am HoLdiNg On 2
is ReAlly WaT it SeEmZ. My ArMz R toO TiReD 2 HoLd
On. BuT WhEn ii C Yu aLL My PrObLeMz FaDe aWaY
& LOuDLy ScReaM aT Me All at OnCe. I aM LoSt iN
ThIz LoNg HallwaY aNd DoNt Kno WhiCh DoOr 2
EnTeR. SuMTiMez ii WonDeR iF ii ShOuLd HoLd
oN 2 ThIz ThInG ... ThIz ThInG I DoNT hAvE. ThIs
ThOuGht ThAt HaUnTz My DrEaMz. ShOuLd ii
FiNaLLy AgRee ThAt u N Me WiLL NeVeR HaPpEn?
Or ShOuLd ii CoNTInuE 2 RuN fRoM thE TrUth? </3



:: neveR regret the one who made u smile ::
:: cuz at one point he was what u wanted ::



*._¸..· ´¨¨)) -:¦:-when you love someone and they loved you but suddenly
¸.·´ .·´¨¨))they move on and you feel as though you will never
((¸¸.·´ ..·´ -:¦:-be able to do the same well just ask yourself one
-:¦:- ((¸¸.·´* :*: :*:question- how do you think the other person moved
on so quickly?



I nEveR [sToPPeD] lOviN HiM...
I JuS StOppEd LeTTiN iT [sHo]



<-- sOmE tImEs YoU'rE tOlD a LiE tO bE sAvEd FrOm ThE TrUtH --> .Nd wHeN tHaT LiE iS uNcOveRed YoU'Re rEalLy PiSsEd.
m.o.v.e o.n f.o.r.g.i.v.e n r.e.m.e.m.b.e.r
((LiFe iS toO sHoRt To PuT thE pPl yOu LoVe oN HoLd))
f-o-r s-t-u-p-i-d t-h-i-n-g-s



I wAnted tO gO bAck.
bAck tO the wAy I wAs befOre
but the truth is yOu've chAnged me,
I'm nOt the sAme AnymOre



iTs AlWaYz TiMeS LiKe ThEsE WhEn
* i ThInK Of YoU AnD WoNdEr iF
YoU EvEr ThInK Of Me
* CuZ EvErYtHiNgZ So
WrOnG AnD i DonT
*BeLoNg LiViNg
iN YoUr PrEsCiOuS
* MeMoRiEz...*



sometimes i think i should move on and stop trying
but my heart just stops when i see you smiling ..



ThErE WiLL aLwAyZ Be ThaT [oNe sPeCiaL:..BoY]
ThaT No MaTTeR WuT He DoEs To YoU.
.[o R . h O w . B a D . H e . h U r T z . u].
.YoU CaN [ N E V E R ] LeT HiM gO



iD dO AnYtHiNg..
..jUsT tO HoLd YoU iN mY aRmS
tRy tO mAkE yOu lAuGh..
sOmE hOw I cAnt pUt yOu In ThE pAsT

i cLoSe my eYeS
AnD aLl I sEe iS yOu
i cLoSe mY eYes
I tRy To sLeEp
i CaNt fOrgEt yOu
..AnD iD dO AnyThIng fOr yOu..



bOy . thiis
` - - * »[ i .n .f .a .t .u .a .t .i .o .n ]
has gone [ t .o .o f .a .r ] « * - -´



*~-.EvEry StEp I tAkE.-~*
.-~*EvErY mOvE i MAKe*~-.
*~-.EvErY sInGlE dAy.-~*
.-~*EvErY nIgHt I pRaY*~-.
.·:*¨*|iLl Be M i S s I n YoU|*¨*:·.



save yOur bReath cAuse HeRe
> - - - - - - cOmes the Truth
im over the Drama oF you ..*



I waS loSt foR a while
eveRy place brOught baCk a memOry
- of a KisS -
- oR a smiLe -
thAt yOu gaVe me



If yoU're gONna LeAvE
I WiSh yOu Would juSt LeAve..
You're PreSeNCe StiLL LinGersS heRee
And It Won't LeAve me Al0ne..



PeOplE Make MisTaAkEs...
To MAke up, To BreaK uP..
To Wake Up.. CoLd n LoNELy..
BuT ChiLL babiiE, yOu Kn0w mE



*wE bEeN tHru SoOo MuCh Sh|T*
.aNd aFtEr iT aLL i FoUNd MySeLf sTiLL LoViNg YoO.
..bUt tHe OtHeR DaY i WoKe uP aNd I rEaLiZeD..
.yOo dUn mAkE mE fEeL sPeCiaL aNyMoRe.
..aLL yOo Do iS mAkE mE fEeL lYk iM wOrtHlEsS..
-- aNd I dUn NeEd ThAt --
--sO gUeSs wHuT bOii?
..i'M *fInaLLy* OvEr yOo..



I'll be waiting here...
waiting for you to
[get over her].. but I
kno by the time you
do, ill be [over you..* ]



Lets pretend that I moved on
then I'll tell myself that life goes on without you
open my eyes - look deep inside
* i . r U n . a W a Y *



iM sIcK oF aLwAyS cOmIn HoMe N cRyN
iM aLwAyS fEeLn LiKe dYiN
iM tIrEd Of pUtTin FoRtH eFfOrT n TiReD oF tRyN
iM tIrEd Of SwAlLowIn My PrIdE aNd SiGhN
I wAnT tO fEeL dIfFeReNt ThAn FeElIn HuRt AlL tHe TiMe
sHoWn My FeElInGs Ids My bIgGeSt CrImE
i WaNt To Be AbLe tO sMiLe WiThOuT hAvN tO fAkE iT
i dUn WaNnA gIvE uP oN lIFe JuS yEt...I dO wAnA mAkE iT



I know now, just quite how
My life and love might still go on
In your heart and your mind
'll stay with you for all of time..



One Of TheSE dAyz uLL reaLizE How I wuS thE 1 fOr u-
HoW u THrU it ALl awaY-n wEN thAT day cOMEs-
iLL SmiLe n TelL u thE SaME tHinGS u TOld Me-
tHat Ur My FriEnd N tHAtz WUt I wanT U 2 b-
MaYb if UR lucKY uLL oPEn uR eYES n sEe How These WOrDs HUrt..
Ull N.e.V.e.r. sAy thEM agAin...



No matter how hard you try to get over someone, you will still have some sort of feeling for them.
Remembering the ways things used to be, and how they are now.
And you sometimes hope that the new person in their life was still you.
And everything was how it used be, erasing all the bad things that happened.
Time is supposed to make things better, but in love it doesn't.
Although we have been apart for a while, and now have different loves in our life
I still can't help wondering how your life is, and when I catch you glancing at me...
I can't help but wonder if your heart beats a little faster, as mine does when I see you.



Maybe Not All Friendships Are Meant To Be Saved...
Maybe We're Meant To Spend A Certain Part Of Our Lives With Certain People And Move On



iM nOt SaYiNg iM MoViNg On
BuT i CaNt JuSt WAiT aRoUnD fOr yOu tO bE ReAdY
sO iM gOiNg tO wAlK aWaY a LiTtLe BiT EaCh DaY
i JuSt HoPe i WoNt Be ToO fAr AwAy
WhEn yOu cOmE aFtEr Me



There are some things that we never want to let go of...
people we never want to leave behind;
but keep in mind that letting go is not the end of the world,
but rather it is the beginning of a new life.



y0u g0tta let g0 when y0u`re hurting t0o much
y0u hafta give up when l0ving isn`t en0ugh y0u
g0tta m0ve on when things aren`t like they
were bef0re cuz f0r sure, thereSz s0meone 0ut
there wh0 will (( ---- > l0ve y0u m 0 r e < ---- ))



·..·*¨)look at me now(¨*·..·»
(¨*·..·»tell me what you see«·..·*¨)
«·..·*¨)its a whole new game now(¨*·..·»
(¨*·..·»im not the girl i used to be«·..·*¨)



iT feeLs rEally gOod tO fiNaLly be abLe tO say ' i dOn`t wAnt hiM'
bUt iT feeLs eVen betTer tO sAy 'i dOn`t nEed hIm'



My Friend
You have given me courage,
That was not there
You have given laughter,
That I can share
You have given me feelings,
That are deep and true
For that my friend
I will always love you



Sometimes You Need To Run Away To See Who Will Follow You



Be Careful Of What You Say
Friendship Can End In One Minute
Because Of A Stupid Word



"Friendship Is Something You Don't Learn In School
But If You Don't Know The Meaning Of Friendship
You Haven't Really Learned Anything."



"When Life Sucks You Will Always Make It Through
If You Have Good Friends"



-I'll Be There-
When Noone Is There For You
And You Think Noone Cares
When The Whole World Walks Out On You
And You Think You're Alone
I'll Be There
When The One You Care About Most
Couldn't Care Less About You
When The One You Gave Your Heart To
Throws It In Your Face
I'll Be There
When The Person You Trusted
Betrays You
When The Person You Share All Your Memories With
Can't Even Remember Your Birthday
I'll Be There
When All You Need Is A Friend
To Listen To You Whine
When All You Need Is Someone
To Catch Your Tears
I'll Be There
When Your Heart Hurts So Bad
You Can't Even Breathe
When You Just Want To Crawl Up And Die
I'll Be There
When You Start To Cry
After Hearing That Sad Song
When The Tears Just Won't Stop
Falling Down Your Face
I'll Be There



Don't Ever Be Afraid To Come To Me And Cry
Don't Even Hesitate To Look Me In The Eye
Don't Ever Be Afraid To Tell Me How You Feel
Remember Your My Girls And We Gotta Keep It Real



Don't Turn Your Back On Your Friends
Because It's The Best Target



I'm Down For Whatever
No Matter How You Act
You Never Got To Worry
Cause I Always Got Your Back



It's Easy To Die For A Friend
But Difficult To Find A Friend Worth Dying For



"When things get down,
all you gotta do is close your eyes
and know that your friends are your energy."



True friendship is the purest form of love:
complete acceptance and no expectations.



Good friends are like condoms..
They come in handy when things get hard



Sometimes I'm scared to look forward and take the next step
But somehow, I know I'll make it
Because you're holding my hand along the way



When somethings wrong
I know I'll be alright
Cuz I got my girls to the left
And my boys to the right



You know you've got
The greatest friends
When the only time they
Make you cry is when
You're laughing too hard



Times get tough and I just can't take it
Sometimes I feel like I can't get through
Thats when I thank God for friends like you.



Friendship is the glue that holds our life together...
Especially when it feels like everything is gunna fall apart.



¸.·Its The Days Were So Crazy People Think Were High·.¸
¸.·The Times Were So Bored We Laugh Till We Cry·.¸
¸.·All The Inside Jokes And Remember Whens·.¸
¸.·These Are The Reasons We'll Always Be·.¸
¸.·*Best Friends*·.¸



Eventually Y0u Realize Its [L E S S] Imp0rtant T0 Have M0re Friends
And [M 0 R E] Imp0rtant T0 Have Real 0nes



::< Me WithOut My Gurls? >::
(( You Must Be JOkin ))
Its Like A PiMp WithOut His HOes
That Shit JUs Aint WOrkin!



EvErYoNe WriTeS aBoUt yOu in ThEiR BooK oF LiFe,
bUt YoUr TrUE FriEndS aRe ThE OnEs ThaT wRiTe A cHaPtEr



A BesTriEnd iSn't SoMeOne u tEll yoUr Life stOry 2
itS sOmeoNe Who faCed it With U



fRieNdS MiTe GeT u DrUnK
bUt BeSt FrieNdS HoLd Ur HaiR BacK WheN u PuKe



I got a smile on my face and a twinkle in my eyes
But only my true girls know I'm about to break down and cry



Sometimes you have to put walls up
Not to keep people out
But to see who cares enough
To break them down..



No matter how serious life gets
You still need those you can
Be completely stupid with..



You make a rainbow appear
When my world is black and white



A ShOuLdEr To CrY On
aNd EaR tO bEnD
MoNeY to BoRrOw aNd ClOtHeS to LeNd
FriDAy NiTe HAng Outs- & OuR LiTtlE WalKs
mIdNiGhT CaLLs- and PrivAtE TaLkS
Our MeMOriEs WoNt EvEr EnD



thEy get me s m i L i n g even wHen it
huRts .. nothing exaCtly meaSures
* wHat bEst frieNds aRe TruLy wOrth...



"..fRiEnDs aRe tHa oNeS tHat picK yOu uP whEn yOu fAll dOwn
bUt beSt fRiiEnDs aRe tHe oNes whO knOck yOu bAck dOwn aNd lAuGh iN yOur fAcE..."



*..*WhEn tHa wOrLd AtTaCkS*..*
*..*N u sLidE oFf TrAcK*..*
*..*AlWaYz ReMeMbEr 1 FaCt*..*
*..*I aLwAyZ GoT uR BaCk*..*



As YoU sIt In SiLeNcE,
WoNdErInG wHy
I'll Be YouR ShOULdeR 2 CrY oN
UnTiL yOuR tEaRs RuN dRy.
WhEn YoU'vE bEeN hUrT,
AnD cAn'T bELieVe WhAt ThEy'Ve DoNe
If YoU nEeD sOmEoNe To TaLk To
i'Ll Be ThE oNe.
If A cLoSe fRiEnD hUrTs YoU,
AnD yOu DoN't UnDeRsTaNd
ReMeMbEr I'm HeRe,
I'll LeNd A hElPiNg HaNd.
BuRdEnS aRe LiGhTeR wHeN cArRiEd By Tw0,
AnD I JuSt wAnT yOu t0 kNo
I'm HeRe 4 y0u



-¦-When the NeVeR eNdInG list of fakes had me fucked Over
the true ones never hesitated to lend their shoulders-¦-



_*tHeYvE bEeN RiTe BeHiNd mE tHrU tHa yRs*_
tHeSe giRLs hAvE sHaReD mY hOpEs nD fEaRs
nO oNe eLsE cAn CoMpArE tO tHeM
tHeYrE mY tRu *SiStAs* n I LuV eM



ii kNo tHiS gRL LIkE tHa;
bAcK oF mY hAnD * tHe
oNlY oNe - wHo _tRuLy_
i`Ll LoVe HeR tIl My VeRy
LaSt BrEaTh^
BeSt FrIeNdS 4EvA TiL
ThE DaY Of My DeAtH



ThrOugh ALl the HeaRtaCheS
And thOse StupiD littLe fiGhtS
yOu GiRls aRe truLy my Life
I wOulDnt KnOw what tO dO iF
I didNt haVe yOu bY my SidE
PaRt Of my lifE wOuld be MiSsin
U aRe aLwayS thEre n yOu AlwAys LiSten
I PrOmise tO be TheRe tO wipe awAy AlL ur TeaRs
AnD liSten To All Ur FeArs
AlL i GoTta SaY iS tHaNkS fOr eVerythiNg
AnD i LoVe yOu All WithOut queStioniNg.



A {(Friend)} would help you take .:TaPe:. out of your <HaiR>
A {(Best Friend)} would be standing there CracKing up
cause they're the *IDIOT* who put it there in the first place



You and I are like sisters...
Stuck together like uncooked Ramen noodles.



x0::|No MaTtEr WhErE i Go Or WaT i Do
I wIlL bE heRe DaY aNd NiTe WaItEn FoR yOu...
YoU mAy NeVeR CuM bUt i WiLl StAnD mY gRoUnD jUsT fOr YoU
nO oNe ElSe WiThOuT a PeEp Or SoUnD
i WiLl Do As I aM aSkEd WeN YoU aSk
I wIlL cOmE tO tHe ReScUe WeN yOu FaLl To YoUr KnEeS
aNd CaN't SeEm To GeT bAk Up
WeN yOu HaVe A pRoBlEm AnD dOn'T hAvE eNuFf StReNgTh
To FiGuRe ThIs WhOlE tHiNg OuT
wEn YoU gEt YoUr HeArT bRoKeN aNd CaN't Go On
AnD wEn YoUr WoRlD cOmEs CrAsHiN dOwN
i WiLl Be ThErE tO pIcK yOu Up
SeT yOu On YoUr FeEt AnD wAlK wItH yOu InTo ThE wOrLd AgAiN -
->>tHaTs WaT a TrUe FrIeNd DoEs<<--|::0x



*..• ´¨¨)) -:¦:- a DiAmOnD aRe NiCe
So aRe PeArLs- BuT NuTtiN
CaN RepLaCe, Me n' My GiRlS!*
·:*¨¨*:·. .·:*¨¨*:·.·:*¨¨*:·.



.·´¯`·» best frienDs <3
* me witHout them is like a sneakeR without laCes
peOple without faCes .. asentencewithoutspaces



aLl Th0sE niGhts. `',.*
when yur 0ut with `.'*
y0ur frIends..the ' `.,*
laughS never st0p . ,`'*
and the fun never `.,'*
endS.iNsIdErS.anD. `,'*
CraZy niGhTs.LaTe `'.,*
nIgHt cAlLs.aNd sTupiD .'`,*
fIgHts.pickIng oUt ouTfiTs .,`'*
aNd sHoPpInG aLl dAy. ,`'.*
yOu girLs aRe thE bEst .'`,*
..thAts alL i CaN say.. .`',*



*::.WhEn tHiNgS gOt RoUgH.::*
*::.WhEn TiMeZ gOt TuFf.::*
*::.EvErYtImE i CoULd cOuNt On yOu.::*
*::.tO bRiGhTeN uP mY dAy.::*
*::.aNd ChAsE mY pRoBLeMs aWaY.::*
*::.aNd dO aNyThInG u CuD dO.::*
*::.OuT oF aLL oF tHe FrIeNdS.::*
*::.ThAt ArE tRu tO tHe eNd.::*
*::.ThEy CuD nEvA cOmPaRe tO yOu.::*



--You CanT cHOoSe YouR PaReNts--
BEst FrieNdS aRe JuSt MakIng Up
--FoR thE FamiLy .GoD. Didn't giVe us--



i LoOk aT aLL tHe PiCtUrEs oF tHe PaSt*
tHiNkiN oF hOw ThE yEaRs WeNt bY sOo FaSt
ThE dAnCeS-tHe PaRtiEs-ThE PiX-tHe LaFfS*
tHe ShOuLdErS 2 CrY oN n CuTe PhOtOgRaPhS
tHe PpL i KnO SiNcE WaY bAcK wHeN*
ThE nEw KiDs cAmE EvErY nOw N tHeN
tHe FrEnDsHiPs U mAkE cOmE n gO*
bUt ThEaS aLwAyS tHoSe FeW uLL aLwAyS kNo
NoW aS wE gO oUr SePeRaTe WaYs*
i KnO iLL aLwAyS rEmEmBeR ThEsE dAyS



..*you only live once..live it like us..once is enough*..



Yes I must confess..
You -simply- are *ThE bEsT*



Cross your heart and hope to die
Clothes and make-up, boys and lies
Forever there till the end
Definition of: True Best Friends
100 memories
200 jokes
300 great times
400 secrets
1 reason
People say they got the best friend
you could ever find
but thats not possible
cause I got the best one defined
There were moments we laughed and cried
We always stood by each others side
Those days we spent together
Will stay in my heart forever
A stranger stabs you in the front
A boyfriend stabs you in the heart
A friend stabs you in the back
But best friends don't carry knives
I look at my friends
Then I look at me without my friends
Who would I be?
My friends, my sisters
My shadows, my world
Where would I be without my girls?
A friend is someone that sees you cry
A best friend has a soggy shoulder from it
When it hurts to look back
And you are scared to look ahead
Look beside you and I will be there
Crazy days, Screwed up nights
Tons of crushes and stupid fights
Secrets we'll take to the grave
Pictures we'll forever save
Though thick and thin, always true
I don't know where I would be without you
Everyone hears what you say
Friends listen to what you say
Sisters listen to what you dont say
There are people you have known forever,
Who like know you in this way that other people can't
Because they've seen you change
They've LET you change..
Through smiles and dispair
Hugs and kisses plus hows my hair?
I'll be there till the very end
Your my sisters, my true best friends
When I'm slippin and trippin
You're always there to listen
And when your cryin and dyin and it's love you lack
I always got your back
A best friend is one who believes in you
When you have ceased to believe in yourself
Sometimes it's good to have stuff happen
Because it's then you realize that the people
Who stick with you and help you get through it
Are your real friends,And the people that run away
Are the people who were never really there in the first place
People say "Yeah they're close..never apart"
Please, me and these girls share a heart
It's not about who you knew the longest
Cause in the end it's about who never left your side
Friendship is the comfort that comes from knowing
That even when you feel all alone, you aren't
You've got half my soul and half my brain
When we are together, we are insane
There's so much shit that we've been through
Laughing and crying, what best friends do
Cause not even sisters got the bond we got
We are in it together and we ain't gonna stop
When we are old
I know we'll reminisce
Bout our lows, our highs
And the lil boys we kissed
The classes we missed
And the hos we dissed
But most of all how you
Always remained my sis
Boys, make up, out late at night
Talkin, sharin secrets, havin fights
In the end it's always alright
Wherever I go or whoever I be
I know my girls will be there for me
These are my girls
I got their backs to the fullest
If they are shootin up the place
I'm bringin the bullets
A lot of laughs
And a lot of tears
Sharin our dreams
And comforting fears
Talkin for endless hours on the phone
Always at each others houses
Our second homes
We have something so precious
It can never break or bend
Smiles and tears, giggles and laughs
Late night calls and cute photographs
I'll be there for you till the day of my death
Best friends forever till my very last breath
There comes a time when you realize who really matters, who never did, and who always will, and in the end we learn who is fake, who is true and who would risk it all for you
Our friendship brings one true guarantee
No matter what happens
You'll always have me
There was double darin, pinky swearin
And vowing to be friends forever
Our interests in toys slowly changed to boys
But we've always stuck together
We'd have our fights at sleepover nights
That didn't work out as planned
But we'd try to forget, no matter how upset
We'd try to understand
When I say I love you
I mean it from the heart
Like you have from the start
At one point in time
We'll say our goodbyes
Become adults and live separate lives
But sun or rain, no matter what weather
Your always my friend, now and forever

Crazy Nights~Insane Grooves
Blazin Clothes~Sexy Moves
Never Fake~Always True
To All My Friends~I Love You

Things change and people do too
But my love goes out to a certain few
The ones who are there through good and bad
I'd say they are the best friends I've ever had
Your best friends don't pretend
They're your girls till the end
Cross your heart, hope to die
Never have to say goodbye
Borrow anything, tell you everything
There without questioning
Sisters not born together
..I love you forever!

Yesterday brought the begining,
Tomorrow brings the end,
But somewhere in the middle,
We became best of friends,
We may fight and we may cry,
But our friendship will never die,
I'll care for you until the very end
Just because you are my best friends

You think you gotta idea
Of what a best friend can do
Until you got mine you got
--no clue--
Friends are the rare people who ask how you are and then wait to hear the answer.
The question is not would you die for a friend, but do you have a friend worth dying for?
its funny how in the end
you always seem to go back to the ones
who were there from the beginning
Sometimes me think, "What is friend?" And then me think,
"Friend is what the last chocolate chip cookie is for."
-Cookie Monster
true friends and true hearts
that`s all that counts in life
-uptown girls -
iT dOeSn`T mAtTeR hOw MaNy FriEnDsZ yOu HaVe
- ->> jUsT hOw MaNy yOu CaN aCtUaLlY cOuNt On
«..*")fRiEnDs tRy tO PrOVe Ur Not A ReTaRdEd psYcHopAtH ("*..»
«..*")BeSt FrIendS JuSt sHarE thE rEtArdEdNesS wItH yOu("*..»
It's not about the friends in the *p a s t*
It's about the friends that *l a s t*
TrUe* Friendship is when two people can walk in completely opposite directions...
And still remain side by side
*..I oWe mY LiFe To ThEm cUz ThEy HeLpEd me LiVe iT..*
*mE aNd YoU aRe LiKe ViRgInS*
*We’LL aLwAyS bE TiGhT!*
When your life falls apart, always remember that I will be the one
who will stay to help you pick the pieces up. And when the rest
of the world walks out on you, remember not to close the door,
because I am the one who will be walking in to help you through it all
there are 0nly tw0 abs0lute's in life
|[ f r i e n d s *&* a l c 0 h 0 l ]|
..and the best times usually inv0lve b0th



::*Hair Done, Glossy Lips, Tight Jeans Huggin My Hips
I'm The Girl With The Sweetest Kiss
Now Tell Me Baby, Can You Resist?*::



Cute Enough To Make You Look Twice
Sweet Enough But Not Too Nice
A Little Crazy But Not Too Wild
The Kinda Girl That'll Make You Smile



Beauty Is Skin Deep
But Attitude Is To The Bone



When I Walk By You're Askin Your Boy
"Is She Prettier Then Me?"
Got Them Guys Sayin
"Um, Well, Honestly?"



Pretty And Sweet, One Of A Kind
The Girl You Spent Your Life One Step Behind



Long Brown Hair
A Smile That Makes You Wanna Stay
Go Ahead, Try Your Best To Walk Away



ThiS is fOr My giRlS alL arOuNd tHe wOrld
WhO coMe acroSS a mAn whO doNt resPecT uR wOrth
ThiNkiN alL wOmEn shOUld b sEen nOt heArd
SO whAt dO wE dO gIrlS?ShOUt LOuDer!
LeTTing thEm knO wEre gOnna stAnd oUr grOunD
LiFt uR haNds hiGh N wAve thEm prOud
TaKe a dEep brEath N saY iT lOud
NeVer cAn nEvEr wiLL caNt hOld uS dOwn...



Always Stayin Lady Like
But Still Actin Crazy Like
Love My Attitude, Love My Vibe
Love My Agression, Love My Pride
Envy My Integrity And My Heat
Because In Reality,
You Could Never Compete



You Think That Because He's Not Mine You Can Throw It In My Face
Well Think Again Bitch, Cause I'm Gonna Take Your Place



Hatin On Me
Girl I'm Mad Friendly

But Like What Fat Joe Said
"Jealous Ones Still Envy"



Laid Back With Your Sexy Smile
When You Move Your Body
You Just Drive Me Wild
If Your Feelin Me Baby Tell Me Now
Because I Want You,
I Want You



Landon: I Might Kiss You.
Jamie: I Might Be Bad At It.
Landon: That's Not Possible.
-A Walk To Remember



Tank Tops*Flip Flops
Ice Cream*Sweet Dreams
Late Nights*Balloon Fights
A Suntan*A Game Plan
Light Hair*Noone Cares
Feet In Sand*Drink In Hand
...Thank God It's...
(`'·.¸(`'·.¸* ¤ *¸.·'´)¸.·'´ )
«´¨`·..¤ *SuMmEr* ¤..·´'>>



I Can't Really Explain It, I'm So Into You Now
I Wanna Be More Than A Friend To You Now



"Whoever Said Orange Was The New Pink
Was Seriously Disturbed."
-Reese Witherspoon



Brunettes Look Classy
Blondes Look Trashy



Nothings Perfect
But The Way I See It
If We Weren't Meant To Be
Then All The Fights We Had
Wouldn't Have Been Worth All The Tears



If You Saw Things From My Point Of View
You'd Think Twice About The Stuff You Thought You Knew



"I Get To Go To Lots Of Overseas Places Like Canada."
- Britney Spears



When You Think Everyone Else Is Better Than You
Just Keep One Thing In Mind
You Were Once The Fastest Sperm In The Bunch



*I Looked At You, You Looked Right Back*
*I'm Feelin You Boy And That's A Fact*
*Your Bangin Body, Your Sexy Voice*
*I Wanna Be With You But Hey*
--> That's Your Choice <--



See I Don't Know If I Can Handle You As Just A Friend
Aw Baby I Can't Pretend, Aw Baby I'm So Far In
But I Don't Mind As Long As I Can Have You In My Life
Aw Baby I'm Satisfied, Even If Your Not Just Mine



The Best Is Yet To Come
And Babe Won't That Be Fine
You Think You've Seen The Sun
But You Ain't Seen It Shine



A Promise Is A Promise
That's What They Say
Welcome To Reality Hunnay
They're Broken Every Day



I'm An Underestimated Chick
But My Games So Tight
I Can Make The Sun Shine
--In The Middle Of The Night--



:+:yA thiNkiN uR aLL boUt piMpiN n baLLin:+:
:+:playa iM tHa tYpE oF gUrL wHo goT u tRipPiN n FaLLin:+:



U kNo Im FaBoLoUz
CaNt HeLp Im ScAnDaLoUz
BuT iF aNyBoDy AsKz
TeLL eM iM AbSoLuTeLy
g * L * a * M * O * r * O * u * Z



~*I wALk InTo ThA rOoM LiKe Ba Ba BaM*~
:..*..: ALL tHe BoYz StOp An StUdDer... Da Da :..*..:
* D * a * M * n



Patrick: Liar, Liar, Plants For Hire
SpongeBob: It's Pants On Fire, Patrick.
Patrick: Well You Would Know, Liar.
-Spongebob Squarepants



^-*If I Could Say What I Wanna Say
I'd Say I Wanna Blow You Away
Be With You Every Night
Am I Squeezing You Too Tight?
If I Could Say What I Wanna See
I Wanna See You Go Down On One Knee
Marry Me Today
Guess I'm Wishing My Life Away
With These Things I'll Never Say*-^



No More Head Games
I'm Tired Of All This Drama
So When You Ready To Be Real With Me Boy
You Can Holla



Sweet Little Hunnay, Cute As Can Be
Not Even Ja Rule Can Put It On Me
Got The Ass That No Guy Can Pass Up
Not Even Juvenile Can Back This Ass Up
The Cutest Girl You Ever Did See
Makin Master P Go "Oohhwwee"
Hottest Little Chick You'll Ever See
Not Even Nelly Can Ride With Me
And Don't Forget I Rock Everything You Lack
Even Fabolous Told Me To Holla Back



:..*..: Im SuCh A... BeAcH BaBey, CrAzY? MaYbe, HoTt StuFF, rEaL ThOuGh,
ShOrT sKiRts, LoVeS tO fLiRt, SeXy StyLe, SwEeT SmiLe...KiNdA GuRL:..*..:



"Some Boys Take A Beautiful Girl
And Hide Her Away From The Rest Of The World
I Want To Be The One To Walk In The Sun
Oh Girls They Want To Have Fun"
-Cyndi Lauper



"We All Came From A Woman
Got Our Name From A Woman
And Got Game From A Woman
I Wonder Why We Take From Our Women
Why We Rape Our Women
Do We Hate Our Women?
It's Time To Kill For Our Women
Time To Heal Our Women
Be Real To Our Women"



"Someone Said To Me,
'If 50% Of The Experts In Hollywood SAid You Had No Talent
And Should Give Up, What Would You Do?'
My Answer Was:
'If A 100% Told Me That, All 100% Would Be Wrong'"

-Marilyn Monroe



*..WaNtEd By MaNy..*
*..TaKeN bY nOnE..*
*..LooKiNg aT sOmE..*
*..bUt wAiTiNg fOr OnE..



iF yA gOnNa TaLk -n- HaTe
MaKe SuRe yA fAcTs r StRaIgHt
CuZ WuT u ThInK i Am
[...ChAnCeS aRe i AiNt...]



*> GiRLz WoNDa HoW I DiD iT
*> BoYz WoNDa HoW tA GeT iT
*> HoEz FrOnTeN LyK ThEy WiT iT
*> THuGs LyNeD uP tA HiT iT



I NeEd A man wHo CaN tReAt mE GoOd
nOt LiKe AlL tHeSe LiTtLe BoYs WhO
"ClAiM" tHeY CoUlD



: ThOse WhO reALlY lOve YoU...
...dOnt MeAn tO hUrt yOu...
: aNd iF thEy dO :
.. thEY cAn sEe It iN yOuR eYeS ..
: & iT huRtS thEm toO :*



i LiKe ThE wHoLe SiNgLe..PaRtY tHiNg...
BuT sUmTiMeS i wOuLdNt MiNd ThE wHoLe
KiSsIn..HoLdIn HaNdZ..HiS GiRl ThInG..



ImA bAnGiN bAbI wId Da SeXi LiDdLe FlOw..
--> I n N o C e N t ? <-- hAhA..HeLL nO!



...DrEseD iN PiNk...
...ReAdY FoR AcTiOn...
...ThAtS WhY iM LaBeLeD...
...ThE mAiN AtTrAcTiOn...



(¨`·.·´¨)* A gUrL iZ MuCh MoRe
`·.¸(¨`·.·´¨)*ThAn ShE SeEmS
                 `·.¸.·´*NoT A ToY By AnYMeAnS
           (¨`·.·´¨) *UnDeRNeAtH Da MaKeUp n HaiR
  `·.(¨`·.·´¨)* tHeRe Is A sIgN sAyiNg
`·.¸.·´* HaNdle WiTh CaRe



Emmett: I can't believe you just called me a butthead.
I don't think anybody has called me a butthead since the 9th grade.
Elle: Maybe not to your face.
-Legally Blonde



Girls Givin Me Dirty Looks
Actin Like They Ain't Carin
5 Mintues Later
Why The Bitches Still Starin?



i Am WhO i aM` ORiqiNAL n WiLd`
iM aN iNdEPEndENt WOmEN lYkE dESTiNy`S ChiLd`
pREtTy brown hair`N dA biG brownEyEs`
dAng i EvEN gOT jA rULe mEsMORiZed`
hOtt As FIRe` SwEet aS SugAR
n ` nOt EvEn L L cOOL j cAN qiVE mE pARAdiSe`
oUtqOiN` gLAmOROuS` fUNNy N StRONq`
aNd lYkE miSsY i cAn qEt mA fREAk On`
iM sWEeT n sEXi eVEn oNa rAiNy dAy`
jUSt lYkE ChRisTiNa bEAutiFUL iN EVErY siNqLe wAy



(.((some girls are good)).)
(.((some girls are bad)).)
(..((but I come in both flavors))..)
(..((I'm the best you've ever had))..)



*i wOnt Make PrOmisses i Cant FuLlFil*
Cause When I Say I'Ll Be tHeRe
[[ sOme Way ]] ... [[ sOme hOw ]]
[[*I WiLl*]]



¤·Where the sun shines bright·¤
¤·And the moon gets [h a z y]·¤
¤·Summer '05·¤
¤·[Where even the good girls go]·¤



*•. wish



WeN Ur MaN WaLkS bY mE
.. i bLoW HiM a KiSs ..
:: POOF ByTcH ::
[[ Yo sKaNk AzZ iZ DiSMiSsEd ]]



°·.·°yOu taLk iT°·.·°
*·.·*i LiVe iT*·.·*
°·.·°uR jEaLoUS°·.·°
*·.·*aDmIt iT*·.·*



› you neva kno who to trust ‹
‹ some people talk juSt a lil t0o much ›



yOu KnOw YoU'rE tHe ShIt
WhEn PeOpLe ThAt DoN't EvEn KnOw You
*HaTe YoU*



ii wAnNa bE dA oNe hE gAvE iiT aLL uP fO -
wHo mAiiD hiM hAnG hiSz jErSeY oN dA bAk oF hiSz dOoR sAyiiN
"i dUn wAnNa b a pLaYa nO mOrE"



.:.iF i GaVe yOu PrEtTy EnOuGh WoRdS cOuLd yOu PaiNt a PiCtuRe oF Us ThAt wOrKs..:.



*i aM wHo i aM*
-yoUr oPiniOn iS nEiThEr-
d e S i R e D
. . .oR. . .
R e Q u i R e D



*BeFoRe u JuDgE Me ..TaKe a GooD LoOk aT u..
dOnT u HaVe aNytHiNg BeTTa tO dO..
sEeMz 2 Me uR a LiL sLoW 2 uNdAStAnD..
iGnOrAnCe n JeALoUsY Go HaNd iN HaNd..*



ShE sMiLeS CuZ ShE *ThiNkS* ShE HaS HiM
buT i SmiLe CuZ i *KnO* HeS MiNe



:*Y o u C a n ' t
*:.H u r t S o m e o n e
.:*U n l e s s Y o u
*:.R e a l l y M e a n
.:*S o m e t h i n g T o
*:.T h e m



If you get caught looking at him,
just remember,
he was looking back



Dont walk ::a. w .a .y::
Dont change your mind...
It's time you took a chance...
And Put Your Hand In Mine



Every little thing that we do
Should be between me n you
The freaky things that we do
Lets keep it between me n you baby



i GoT nO pRoBLeMz w/ PuNkZ oR SkAtAz
ThA oNLy pEoPLe i cAnT sTaNd r --PLaYaZ n HaTaZ--



SoMe GuYs OnLy aCt LiKe DiCkS To
mAkE uP fOr tHe oNeS tHeY dOnT hAvE



i dOnT WaLk aRoUnD
tRyiN to bE wUt iM nOt
i dOnT wAsTe mY tiMe
tRyiN tO gEt wUt yOu GoT
i WoRk aT pLeAsiN mE
aNd nOt SaTiSfYiN yOu
dAtS wHo i am -n- eXaCtLy wUt i dO*



-YoU TaLk MaD sHyT-
..*n SaY iT wItHoUt A tRaCe..
¤..CoMe On *N bE a BiG gIrL..¤
]*n SaY iT tO MuH fAcE[



...BiTcH i DoNt HaTe U..I DeSpIsE u....
...I CaLlEd U a HoE cUz It DeScRiBeS U....
...NoW u SeEn WaT tHiS ChIcKS all AbOuT...
...So CliCk Da [X] AnD Get The fUcK Out...



*~SeXy SmiLe
SpArKliN EyeS
BaBe I GoT U HyPnOtIzEd
HaIr ToSsiN
JeWeLerY DanGliN
I KnO AlL u GuYs ThInK iM bAnGiN
liCkn Ma LiPs
SwInGin mA HiPs
I KnOw AlL u HoTtIes WaNnA TaStE dIs
DoNt BrEaK Ur NeCk
LoOkiN At My CuRvEs
U Cant HaVe Wut U DoNT DeSeRvE~*



-sAy It To My FaCe BiTcH
nOt bEhInD mY bAcK
CUz iF u LiKe TaLKiN ShIt
yOuR gOnNa GeT sMacKeD-



[dont] worry bout *me* or wut *I* do,
what happens in [muh]life has nuttin to do wit [you]
so keep ur mouth [shut] and stop talkin [shyt]
cuz im *SiCK* and *TiRED* of u skanks & all ur drama bullshit!



DiRtY LooKz
JeAlOuZ StArEz
dA FuNny ParT is...
U tHiNk i CaRe



My HiPs mY tHiGhS i gOt Ja RuLe [[mEsMeRiZeD]]
mY eYeS mY sTaRe lYkE nElLy sEd iTs [[gEtTiN hOtT iN hErRe]]
wYle cHrIsTiNa sEd [[wE DaNcIn gEtTiN a LiL nAuGhTy]]
r KeLly b sAyIn [[MaMa KeEp rOlLiN DaT bOdY]]
P DiDdY dOnT LyKe DeM [[lOnElY nYtEs]]
bUt lYk LuDa sEd [[eVeRyThIns gOnNa b R RyTe]]
LL. CoOl J wAnTs 2 [[lEt mE rYdE]]
WyL i gOt CaMrOnS HaNd [[CrEePiN uP mA lEfT sYdE]]
WeN i WaLkEd iN PhArElL sEd [[ExCuSe Me MisS]]
bUt LyK dEsTiNyS cHiLd sAyS [[I dUn ThInK u CaN HaNdLe DiS]]



.·:*iM OnLy Me tHaTz aLL i CaN Be*:·.
.·:*No MoRe, No LeSs, DoNT 2Nd gUeZz*:·.
.·:*YoU mAy NoT LiKe Me BuT tHaTz oKaY*:·.
.·:* BuT tHiZ iZ Me aNd HoW i'LL sTaY *:·.



[.*wHo dO yOu wAnNa bE*.]
[.*tHe gUy i TeLL mY SeCrEtS tO*.]
[.*oR tHe gUy mY sEcReTs aRe aBoUt*.]



.· ´")) -:|:-
¸.·´ .·´"))
((¸¸.·´ ..·´ -:|:-
-:|:- ((¸¸.·´*YoU CaN CaLL Me A sLuT...ToO BaD It IsNt TrUe....SoRrY BiTcH BuT Im NOT YoU...



I shAkE iT LyK ShAkiRa,
I LiV iT uP LyK Ja RuLe,
I g0t iT bAd LyK Usher,
I'm n0t a giRL n0t yEt A w0mAn LyK BriTnEy,
I aM #1 LyK NeLLy,
I dUn'T wAnA bE mAh fRiEnD n0 m0rE LyK PiNk,
I'm g0iN cRaZy KrAzi CraZy LyK KC n JoJo,
I LyK iT LyK SaMmiE,
I'm tHe w0rLdz gReAtEsT LyK R KeLLy,
I LyK tHa wAy u m0vE thAt tHaNq LyK SiSq0,
whAt w0uLd u d0 LyK CiTy HiGh,
I d0 LyK t0yA,
I wAnt iT aLL oR n0thiNg aT aLL LyK O t0wN,
But MoSt oF aLL i wAnA bE WiT u LyK MaNdy m0oRe



I'm A MiNd ShoCkIn}*{BoDy RoCkIn
SiTtin HiGh}*{LoOkiN FlY
PrETty SliCk}*{SeXy ChiCk
GoRgeOus EyEs}*{ThaT HyPmOtiZe
DeViLish StAre}*{LiFeS NoT FaiR
OnE Of A KiNd
ThEreS No DoUbT
I'Ll BlOw YoUr MiNd



-:|:-BloNdEs MaY PlAy ThA GaMe-:|:-
-:|:-BuT BrUneTtEs aLwAyS ScOrE-:|:-
-:|:-BLonDeS mAy tEaSe-:|:-
-:|:-BuT BrUneTtEs aLwAyS pLeAsE-:|:-



* Tha' bOoTy ShAkIn * HeArT bReAkn *
* PrEtTy hOt * NeVa StOp *
* ShOrT sKiRt * LuV tO fLiRt *
* AnGeL bAbY * SpOiLeD mAyBe *
* PeRfEcT CuTIe * WiTh ThA bOOty *
* GlOssY LiPs * AnD SpaRklIn EYez *
* LeaViN aLL Tha bOyZ hIpnOtiZed *
* BaNgiN' hOt * OnE of A KiNd *
* GOt All tHa feLLOwS sAyiN,
..DaMn ShE FiNe..



*CraZy PaRtiEs & MoMeNtS oF FaMe*
*RuMoRs StaRt & wHoS 2 BlaMe?*
*FriEnDsHiPs BeGiN & FriEnDsHiPs EnD*
*BroKeN HeaRtS WiLL SoMeDaY MeNd*
*LooK OuT 4 uR FriEnDz DonT LeT eM PaSs*
*iF TheY TuRn oN u, KiCk ThEiR aSs*
*MaDe HiGhScHooL FuN, It FeElS liKe HeaVen,*
*RepPin ThE ClAsS oF 2007!*



YaLL tHiNk iM aN iNnOcEnT LiL GirL
SoO LeTz mAkE a bEt ..
If tHaTs wHaT yOuR tHiNkIn
YoU sO dOnT kNoW mE yEt



*Ur StUpId WoRdz DOnT EvEn PhAzE Me
s0 TaLk It Up ByTcH Go FuckiN CrAzY*



*B4 u gO N JuDgE mE
WaLk a MiLe iN My ShOeS
.uLL StUmbLe iN a SeCoNd.*



TuFf tO bEaT? bYtCh iM uNsToPpAbLe
TrYiN tA bLaZe mE? hAhA



Having fun
Cauging trouble
The nights not over
Till I'm seein double



-Keep looking my way-
-My head is held high-
-U wanna bring me down?-
-I dare you to try-



[x] I'd trade a million pretty words [o]
[o] For one touch that is real [x]



DrAma ::nEvA:: enDz
StUpId hoEs PrEtEnD tO Be yA FrIeNd
aNd HaTaS aRe aLL Da saMe
TheY sMiLe To yA FuCkin faCe
AnD sPit On yA NaMe



iM JuS a DoWn aZz ByTch WiTa TyTe gAmE
{{U JuS a NaStY hOe WiTa BaD nAmE}}



parTay time - Wen schOols Out
sleepin` in sneakin` Out
days are warm nites are hazy
summer of `o5 gonna be CraZii



Just tell the boys u didnt bring ur milkshake to the yard
cuz you were too busy getting stoned
...they'll understand...



-x-iN eVeRy GuRLs LiFe tHeReS a *bOy*
sHe WiLL NeVeR FoRgEt - aNd a
*SuMMeR* wHeRe iT aLL bEgAn-x-



-::-PaRtAy TyMe.. ScHoOL's oUt-::-
SleEpiN' iN anD SnEaKin' OuT
-HoT SuN -n- WatEr gUnz
Up aLL nIghT * PiLLoW fYghTs
We'LL haVe a BLAsT
-::-HoPe iT dUzNt Go By ToO faSt-::-



biTcH >> rUn_ yOur_mOuTh i wOnT sTreSs- tHaT
cuZ maKin' u [ [ jeaLOuS ] ] iz wuT i'm best aT



If uve got something 2 say say it 2 my face
Cuz Ive got lots of things 2 do And no time 2 waste
Its really quite stupid 4 u 2 do
cuz most of wut u say Really aint true
Dont like being judged I don't like being dissed
But I refuse 2 waste my time being angry and pissed
So dont think it hurts me as much as it hurts u
Cuz while ur acting fake Im still being true



-¦-SoMeTiMeS tHe PpL yOu NeEd
ArE tHe PpL u .D.i.D.n.T. .t.H.i.N.k. YoU wAnTeD-¦-



alL ii waNna d0 is hAve s0me fuN
siT on The bEaCh aND bakE in the sUn
chYlL wiTh the CrEw . haVe s0me lauGhs.
beSt MeMoriEs . takE soMe pHotoGraPhs .
d0 whaT i waNT . swiM iNn The PoOOlL .
Be s0O haPPy thaT theREs n0 More sCh0oL.
| l0ve<3 iT aLL . | juSt RemEmbER |
haVe the Time oF youR liFE bEcaUseEe..
iT's almosT sePteMbeR * /



.:*Oh bAbY bRiNg*:
*:.iT [ALL]tO mE.:*



||[ O.u.T ]||
-->> oOf <<--
:+: hElL :+;
-¦- tOo -¦-
ºwaLkiiNn º
<--oUtTa schOol-->
|+|:*: iiNn :*: |+|
|x|.2.o.o.7 |x|



No MoRe RuLeS
No MoRe BoOks
No MoRe TeAcHeRs
DiiRtY lOoKs
So WhEn YoU hEaR
tHaT fIinAl BeLl
GrAb YoUr ShiT anD
rUn LiIkEe HeLL



I caNt gEt maD at u fOr
huRtinG me oVa & oVa aGain
beCausE oVa & oVa aGain i lEt u



No MaTter wHa haPPens Im GuNNa maKe iT,
iF im nOt haPPy iLL juS haVe to FaKe it,
Ive BeEn tHrU baCkstaBs SkumBagS n LieS,
i goTTa whOle lisT of PpL i DesPizE,
So iF u GoT mY trUst DonT lOosE it,
N iF u Got mAh LoVe-Dun AbuSe iT.



× . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .×
: wat doesnt kill you only makes. :
: you stronqer ... soO wen yoU' :
: think yoUr hurtinq me , ur juSs' :
: helpinq me last - L o N q E r - :
×. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .×



i`m not the kinda girl who give`s up
-- »|[ just like that ]| « --



DeALiN WiT *BackStABeRz* tHErEz 1 ThInG iVe LeArNeD
ThoSe _ ByChEz _ aRe OnLy PoWRFuL WhEn Ur BaCk iS ))TuRneD((



i aM beAutIfuL
÷·.·´¯`·)»nO maTTer:.·°*¤
¤*°·.:wHat ThEy sAy«(·´¯`·.·÷



my dream wOuld be to hear rOcks at my window & to look
out and see yOu just standiinq there iin the -» pOuriinq rain